Blue Mountains Hikes

The Blue Mountains are a naturalist’s paradise. It’s only 90 minutes away from Sydney and has a variety of scenic views and walking trails. The Blue Mountains have a walk for everyone. Pack water, snacks, and hiking shoes to try out one of these nature-filled treks. You will remember the experience for as long as you keep your photos. After you are done, make sure to fill up with fuel and enjoy a relaxing evening in front of a fire at one of the most beautiful accommodations. Here are 9 of the most beautiful walks in the Blue Mountains.

Ruined Castle

This is one of the most beautiful day hikes you can do in the Blue Mountains. You may have to start your hike at Narrowneck lookout if the parking lot at Golden Stairs has not opened (add about 8km). You will descend from the Golden Stairs parking lot into Jamison Valley. You’ll get some amazing views of the Three Sisters on the way. Listen out for bird song in the valley. After a steep climb up, you will reach Ruined Castle. You’ll need to scramble if you want to see the panoramic views at the top. You can see Wentworth Falls, Cedar Creek Valley, and beyond from the top. Bring a picnic to fuel you up for the difficult hike back.

Round Walking Track

The round walking track is a great way to get a quick but beautiful glimpse of the Blue Mountains. The trail starts at Ried’s plateau with a beautiful waterfall view. The trail then descends into the gorge, where you will see native vegetation and birds such as rosellas, lorikeets, and more. Vanimans Lookout offers a unique view of The Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls, and other iconic Blue Mountains sites. The loop ends at Juliet’s Balcony overlooking the Witches Leap Waterfall.

Cliff Top Walking Track

Bring binoculars because this track will take you through a world of wildlife. You’re sure to see king parrots and yellow-tailed cockatoos. The trail is also cliff-side, making it a thrilling experience. The path begins at Govetts Leap Lookout and provides panoramic views of Grose Valley. It ends at Evans Lookout. The course is dotted with trees like oaks, banksias, and scrubs. If you are a rebel and love to chase waterfalls, then stop at Barrow Lookout.

Grand Canyon Track

The Blue Mountains’ Grand Canyon Track is a world apart from its US namesake. It is filled with lush greenery and creeks, as well as breathtaking views. It begins at Evans Lookout, near Blackheath. The wet track is quite challenging, so wear appropriate shoes. You’ll pass ferns and wattle as you descend 200 meters to the canyon bottom. Then, you will reach a sand beach known as the Rotunda. You will then enter the canyon, where you can enjoy views of sandstone falls, fern forests, and flowing cliffs. Take a detour up Beauchamp Falls. The trail is a bit rough, but it’s worth the view of the cascading falls at the end.

Butterbox Canyon

The Butterbox Loop will give you the best views and minimal effort. The Mount Hay & Butterbox parking lot is the starting point for this relatively flat 3-km loop. The track from the car park is well-worn and takes you directly to Butterbox Point within 30 minutes. As the views get more and more spectacular, you’ll want plenty of time to take photos. Be careful, though, as there are often high winds in the area, and the path can be quite exposed. This can make it a very hair-raising experience. You can extend your walk by doing the Mt Hay Loop, a 3km loop that starts at the same point.

Govetts Leap Lookout

Are you a seasoned hiker? Try Govetts Leap Lookout on your next Mountain trip. It’s a more difficult walking track, but it will reward you by giving you sweeping views of Govetts Leap and Grose Valley. While the walk down may be steep, the views of the cliffs, the hanging swamps, the tunneled rocks, and the wildflowers will keep you distracted. You can stop for a picnic or to watch birds at the bottom of the valley. Prepare yourself to walk uphill and enjoy the raindrops that fall from above. Nature’s way to wash away the sweat!

Leura Cascades Fern Bower

Pack a picnic and bring your swimming gear for a balanced day at the Blue Mountains. The trail starts at Leura Cascades – a picnic area with eucalyptus and a beautiful waterfall. There are a few walks that can be done from Leura Cascades, but the Fern Bower is a great loop walk along the cliff edge and down to Jamison Valley. This lush green trail is home to many rock formations, as well as wildlife such as woman pigeons and catbirds. Stop at Leura Falls for a refreshing swim on the way back before returning to Leura Cascades for lunch.

Jellybean track

The Jellybean Track is a great hike for families. It winds through beautiful native rainforests in the Blue Mountains National Park and ends with a natural swimming hole. Follow the short track downhill from the Glenbrook National Park entrance to the Jellybean Pool. This natural swimming pool has a sandy beach and is flanked by golden sandstone cliffs. The water is calm and easy, perfect for splashing about or floating in the sunshine. Be on the lookout for kestrels with their powerful wings, rainbow lorikeets in jewel colors, and blue kingfishers.

Prince Henry Clifftop Walk

The Prince Henry Clifftop Walk, which runs from Katoomba up to Leura, is a hike that offers breathtaking views, fragrant wildflowers, and the best of the Blue Mountains. The cliffs are followed from Katoomba Cascade up to Gordon Falls, passing fields of yellow and golden Christmas Bell flowers as well as scenic lookouts such as the Elysian Lookout. The walk isn’t too hard, but you may want to stop along the way for lunch. A picnic at one of the 20 lookouts is the perfect way to end a Blue Mountains day.

Sassafras Gulley Loop

You can start your journey from Springwood Station and walk the Sassafras Gully Loop. Sassafras Loop allows you to explore bushland, gullies, and dramatic rock formations. You can also chase waterfalls. You’ll discover a beautiful swimming hole after passing through Perch Ponds campground. Martins Falls is four kilometers away. It can be a slow trickle in the dry months but a torrential waterfall when it rains. Lunch at Fairy Dell Reserve Picnic Area. Many native animals live in the dense vegetation, from echidnas to ducks to glow worms.

Waterfall Walk on Mount Wilson

This easy rainforest walk features a variety of waterfalls, as well as towering trees and caves. This track is known as “The Cathedral of Ferns” because it’s lined with ethereal glowworms.

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