Why Do People Choose To Visit The Great Barrier Reef

It is the ideal place to enjoy the beauty of the coral reef. The 2,600 km long reef is located in eastern Australia. More than 2,900 coral reefs and 950 islands are found in this area. The experience plan includes beaches, lakes, and vibrant fish. Romantic is the word that comes to mind.

When is the best season to visit the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef can be accessed throughout the entire year. You can plan your trip more efficiently if you are aware of the weather conditions and seasons.

The Great Barrier Reef lies in Queensland, where temperatures are moderate all year round. There are two distinct seasons in the area. High temperatures, little rain, and low humidity characterize the dry season.

This occurs from May to October. The second season, the rainy season (or wet season), is characterized by milder temperatures and heavier rainfall. This happens from November to March.

The wet season can be challenging, even though it is possible to explore the coral reefs during both seasons. The rain can make the waters less clear. Storms can cause stronger currents that could make it difficult for boats to leave.

The best time to visit the rainforest is during this period. This is the time when lush foliage and many waterfalls come to life.

Why do people visit the Great Barrier Reefs

The cost of Great Barrier Reef tours varies depending on what you do. A snorkeling tour costs $150 (Australian dollars), while a diving experience starts at $200. The cost includes the Oxygen bottle, other diving equipment, and an instructor’s assistance.

Below, I have summarized the five main reasons that I, as a tourist, have chosen to spend a day at the Great Barrier Reef (Snorkelling and diving Experience):

It is the largest coral reef in the world

This breathtaking location will leave you speechless. The Great Barrier Reef deserves all the praise. The Great Barrier Reef covers an area of 348,000 km2 off Queensland. The size of this reef is larger than all other coral banks that bleach the soil.

In this extraordinary environment, you will find a wide variety of life forms. You will discover discoveries every 100 meters and breathtaking displays that will keep you captivated at all times. If you are in Australia, visit this beautiful scenery to enhance your experience.

Impressive stats shows its size

Check out these incredible figures to see what paradise is like in the Coral Sea.

The Barrier is covered in a multitude of shapes and colors. It has around 2500 coral reefs. You won’t be able to see all of the islands in this stunning area. You’ll have to count up to about 900 islands of varying sizes.

Some are as large as a cay, while others are confined to a small strip of sand. Some are perched over 1000 meters above the water. Enjoy the unusual scenery created by this group.

There, you will find magnificent protected species

The Great Barrier Reef and the surrounding area are home to a wide variety of different living organisms. The natural conditions that are conducive to their usual deployment appeal to them. The biotope is composed of many other components that work together to create a unique ecological environment.

More than 500 genera corals are mentioned. Up to 1500 fish species are known. The billions of acres of land are also home to 4,000 varieties of mollusks. The area also contains 240 species of flying creatures. There is no doubt that you will love this wonderful universe.

A series of plants and beautiful beaches

The Great Barrier Reef can be seen from above by helicopter. This is a great way to appreciate its beauty. You will be able to see the vast expanse of coral reefs and islands.

You will enjoy the different shades of color. How about the beautiful green landscapes and white sand beaches that surround the sparkling blue sea water side by side?

Hinchinbrook Island is also known for its lush vegetation and vast forests.

You will engage in challenging activities

The Great Barrier Reef offers a wide range of activities to enjoy. You can swim whenever you want, go scuba diving, snorkeling, or sailing. You can also go on walks in the mountains or along the beach.

Alternately, relax on the fine, white sand by the water. Hayman Island is only able to hear the screams and murmurs of dying waves. Visit the magnificent waterfalls of Bloomfield Falls or take a trip to Eungella National Park. The Great Barrier awaits you with all these wonders!

Final Thoughts

This article should have sparked your interest to embark on an unforgettable trip to the Great Barrier Reef. If you have any questions about the area, please let me know.

I can help you with all the paperwork required to obtain your tourist or working holiday visa. If you want to know more about Australia, read my articles.

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