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You are about to embark on an Everest Base Camp Trek, and you may be looking for a blog that will give you an idea of what to expect. This blog was written after we completed the legendary trek in April. We took a lot of notes on the trip.

How to Get To Everest Base Camp

Before you ask, no, you can’t drive to Everest Base Camp. You can either hike in or pay for an expensive helicopter ride. You can customize the hike to take 11 days or even less.

Be sure to spend a few days in Kathmandu before you start your trek. Kathmandu is a city with a lot to offer.

You will also need time to recover after your Everest Base Camp trek, regardless of how fit you are.

Best Mount Everest Base Camp Tour

You’ll get your service so that you won’t be grouped with people from other countries. You can stop whenever you like and take your time. It doesn’t really get any better.

Everest Base Camp Packing list

We’ve created a Mount Everest base camp packing list! Below, I have written an entire blog post about what I brought, what I wished I had taken, and what I did not need.

You’ll need to be aware of the amount you can carry on the Everest Base Camp Trek, as your porter will be taking the weight the entire way.

What you absolutely need to know before Everest Base Camp Trek

You can read about Things you should know before doing Everest Base Camp Trek.

Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Below, I will give you an overview of our Everest Base Camp itinerary to help you plan your trek to Everest Base Camp.

We walked slowly. We were probably the slowest people on the trip. I used my Garmin watch, which I love, to time our distances and treks.

When we arrived in Kathmandu, we found an Airbnb, which was a real gem. Our Kathmandu Airbnb, which we visited in six months, was our favorite place to stay out of all the countries we visited.

Yogendra, our host, is a sincere and honest man who runs a budget-friendly guesthouse of high quality. The guesthouse is located in the middle of Thamel, the main tourist district in Kathmandu. It is quiet and clean.

We met Himal, the owner of Visit Himalaya Treks after we had checked in to our Airbnb. We chose this company as it is a local Nepalese one, and we did not want to support an internationally known company. The trip was a great success, and I always tell people to book through them. !

He sent Krishna, our guide, to our Airbnb the night before our trek to bring us bags to put our stuff in. He made sure that we did not get anything unnecessary and checked our bags.

We went shopping in Kathmandu for all the gear we needed for the trek. I already had hiking boots, but you should break them in before going on this trek. I bought my shoes six months before going on holiday to ensure they were comfortable, and I got a size bigger.

How to get on the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla

We should have sat on the left side to see the mountains! It was a bit difficult to reach everyone for a picture. We landed very quickly with the 500-meter runway and a 30-minute flight.

We were greeted at the lodge, where we had breakfast by other trekkers returning from their trek. Other trekkers thought that the walk to Gokyo Lake was a gem and a seniority version of Mount Everest Base Camp. We didn’t care much as we only wanted to visit Everest Base Camp.

We saw people who were absolutely exhausted at the end of the climb. We were full of energy as we walked down the hill. Before we knew it, after a three-hour trek, we arrived at Phakding.

We were finished for the day by lunchtime and relaxed. It was clear that an iPad would have made it easier to watch movies. However, we quickly became good friends with the playing cards.

Trek to Namche Bazaar (3440 meters) 6km, 7-hour trek

Although it was tough, I did not find it difficult. We had a great time walking the suspension bridges and making our way up to Namche Bazaar. It was the largest town along the trek.

Acclimatization at Namche Bazaar, a 4-hour, 3km hike

Although they call it acclimatization, we decided to hike up the mountain for our first view of Mount Everest. We also wanted to see Namche at a distance. Unfortunately, the idea was cloudy by the time we arrived. On Day 1, we noticed that there were a lot more people than on the following days. However, as we progressed through the trek, we found ourselves with more space.

We spent the entire day in our guesthouse, watching Everest documentaries. It was a great experience to watch so many documentaries.

Trek from Namche Bazaar to Thyangboche (3860 meters) 12km hike, 7-hour trek

This is when it started to really get beautiful. It was amazing to walk with Everest in the background. This was a fantastic experience. It is also the day that many people turn off the path to Gokyo Lake, so it becomes less crowded. It was freezing and foggy when we reached Thyangboche.

We arrived just in time to witness the local monks praying at 3 pm. It was absolutely amazing. By 7 pm, we were all in bed. This became the new norm.

Trekking from Thyangboche Dingboche. Trekking distance: 12.2km (4220m), 7 hours

The mountains were amazing when we woke up the next morning. We had arrived in the fog just the day before. This was the first day that we felt the effects of the altitude. The sun was very strong, and I thought my hands and face were burning. Luckily, I had sunscreen. ).

Some doctors we met along the way had been on this trek many times before. They told us that the toilets are where most people get sick. We were lucky to have hand sanitizer with us. Wi-Fi is not available here, which is crazy as I have been able to post Insta-lives along my trek.

It costs 600R per day to get wifi at our Goodluck Hotel guesthouse. The shower cost 500R. I remember rushing out of the rain into the snow. It was a strange feeling, but freezing!

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