What To Do In Townsville

This North Queensland destination is known for its palm-lined ‘The Strand,’ and as the gateway of the natural wonders that are Magnetic Island and Great Barrier Reef.

There is much more to discover in the city of North Queensland, which is the largest urban center north of the Sunshine State and home to the North Queensland Cowboys.

Townsville offers a chance to live like a local, with stunning hikes, restaurants, night markets, and botanical gardens. It is also a good place to stay to explore the natural wonders in Tropical North Queensland.

You can cool off in crystal clear freshwater creeks or stand beneath Australia’s highest single-drop waterfall.

If you are still wondering whether you should stay longer than originally planned, then our list of top things to see and do in Townsville may convince you to keep up a little bit longer!

Climb Castle Hill

The iconic pink granite monolith offers more than a picturesque backdrop to the city. It’s a popular trail for locals and tourists.

Spend a few minutes climbing the walking track to the top for a 360-degree panoramic view of the city.

Discover the Great Barrier Reef

Townsville is the ideal port to reach the UNESCO World Heritage Site Great Barrier Reef.

The world’s largest coral reef collection and diverse marine life are found in this stunning natural wonder. It is a must-see for those looking for something to do in Townsville.

Book a great day trip to the Great Barrier Reef here.

After a 2-hour ride to the coral reef, you can spend the day snorkeling or diving in this undersea world. You will see everything from sea turtles to reef sharks and marvel at the beauty of the coral.

Tours start at 7 am and return at 4 pm

Pickup from Townsville and Magnetic Island

Walk along the Strand

Enjoy a stroll along the scenic boardwalk that runs alongside the palm-laden shoreline of Magnetic Island.

The Strand Night Markets and a variety of food, homewares, fashion, crafts, and more are available in the evening at Strand Park.

Try Townsville’s favorite gelato at Juliette’s Gelateria if you love ice cream.

Swimming in Freshwater Creeks at Paluma Range National Park

This national park, located 80km northwest of Townsville in north Queensland’s tropical wetlands, is the southern entrance to this region. It has many freshwater crystal streams and rock pools.

Visit the misty mountain town of Paluma to take a stroll through the rainforest. From McClelland’s Lookout, you can see the area from above.

After you’ve enjoyed the Paluma Range National Park and its beauty, stop by the Paradise Waterhole in Big Crystal Creek. You can also explore the cascading waterfalls under the stone arch bridge of Little Crystal Creek.

There are many places to relax, swim, and picnic in the Townsville area.

Go on a Platypus Safari

Book a Platypus Safari with Hidden Valley Cabins if you’re hoping to see one in the wild.

Spend the night in this tropical paradise of Queensland to relax, unwind, and learn more about the beautiful platypus. Then, wake up refreshed and spend some time spotting bubbles from submerged platypus.

This is the perfect place to learn about our billy friends in their natural habitat.

Visit Magnetic Island for a day trip

Magnetic Island is just a 20-minute ferry ride across Cleveland Bay. The island is an oasis of nature where you can go diving, snorkeling, and hiking or simply relax and take some island tours.

It’s easy to rent a car on Magnetic Island if you don’t own one.

You’ll be spoilt for choices with all the amazing activities and attractions you can explore on North Queensland’s adventure island destination.

Have only one day to spend here? Follow this Magnetic Isle Day Trip Itinerary.

Forts Walk offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the WWII site and its fascinating historical fortifications.

Look up; you might spot a wild Koala! Grab a $5 snorkel trail map from any of the locations on Magnetic Island before heading to Arcadia’s Alma Bay to snorkel. This is Maggie’s most popular beach.

Visit the rock wallabies in Geoffrey Bay, explore Horseshoe Bay, or go on a sunset sail cruise.

Do you love it so much that you want to stay overnight? Book a room at Bungalow Bay Village in Horseshoe Bay to enjoy a wild koala breakfast and an Aussie-style breakfast!

Visit the Botanic Gardens of the City

There are four botanic gardens located around the old town center.

The largest, Anderson Botanical Gardens, is over 25 hectares and focuses on tropical and dry plants. Queens Gardens, the oldest, has a few hedge mazes and an aviary, as well as an oasis, all set against the Castle Hill monolith.

All the gardens are open from sunrise to sundown.

You can also enjoy the nearby Town Common Conservation Park, a family-friendly water park, or take a dip in the Olympic swimming pool.

Step back into the Gold Rush Era at Charters Towers

Charters Towers is an hour-and-30 minutes drive west. It will take you back to the days of the gold rush.

This town, formerly known as The World (the second-largest city of Queensland at the time), is full of history, museums, tours, and colonial architecture.

Visit Venus Gold Battery and learn more about the gold rush. Try a Whitbreads Cordial in the local shops, then finish your day by watching the sunset on Tower Hill.

Experience Australia’s Largest Single Drop Waterfall

The iconic Wallaman Falls is located two and a quarter hours to the north-west. You can park the car after driving up the graded road, which winds through ancient palm-filled gullies. Then, walk to the falls.

Standing at the bottom of the waterfall is an experience unlike any other.

It is a unique experience to be submerged in the dense tropical rainforests listed as a world heritage site and feel the spray of this waterfall.

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