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Bunbury is a great place to visit if you want to take your family on a new adventure. Bunbury, Western Australia, has been reborn in recent years. It was once a dirty port city that people avoided heading to Margaret River. Bunbury has changed dramatically since my childhood. It is no longer the grimy port city of old.

This amazing re-vitalization came on many fronts. The central Bunbury area has a mural project, 6230, that is larger than life. The BRAG has a reputation for edgy, world-class art exhibitions. BREC is renowned for high-quality live performances. The Victoria Street restaurants and the edgy art exhibitions enhance Bunbury’s cosmopolitan vibe.

Bunbury has a long history of being a beautiful seaside resort. It was once called the Brighton for the colony. It became less touristic as the port boomed. Today, the port mainly ships woodchips and alumina.

Bunbury has so much to offer families. Bunbury is located only 2 hours away from Perth, on high-quality freeways. It’s a hassle-free drive. Upon arrival, you will find many family-friendly activities, such as innovative playgrounds and white-sand beaches. We will share with you in detail the Bunbury activities that are perfect for your weekend getaway.

Dolphins in the wild (One of Bunbury’s Free Activities)

Did you know that you can watch wild Bunbury Dolphins for free? It was a surprise to us when we got there, but it is free to sit on the Koombana Bay beach and wait for dolphins (look for the interaction zone). While you wait, the kids can make a sandcastle or go swimming. Volunteers in red shirts keep an eye out for dolphins and announce to the public. It does not cost money. Dolphins are wild animals, and they do not visit the shore daily. The dolphins only come to the beach from November through April.

Dolphin Discovery Centre

After visiting the Dolphin Discovery Centre before the refurbishment, I thought that we could be out of the Discovery Centre within an hour. What a mistake I made! The new interpretive center is an immersive experience, with many interactive displays to help you learn about local marine life and the history of Koombana Bay. Bunbury’s main tourist attraction is this. This is a must-see if you have limited time.

You can go underwater in the 360-degree Digital Dolphinarium without getting wet. My kids enjoyed the interactive exhibits, which helped them learn more about the marine environment. Even if you do not take a tour with dolphins or are not fortunate enough to see one in the interaction zone, you will still have an unforgettable experience.

In winter, the cafe is cozy, and in summer, it’s open to letting in some breeze. The restaurant is located on the beach next to Koombana Bay. There is something for everyone on the breakfast and lunch menus. The day we visited Discovery Centre, we were planning to have a snack for mid-morning, but the place looked so full that we decided not to.

The Sunset Bar is located upstairs. Come and relax with your family and friends at the Sunset Bar. The Sunset Bar is located upstairs, overlooking the beautiful Koombana Bay. It’s an ideal place to relax after a busy week.

Dolphin Eco Cruise

The dolphin eco cruise will allow you to view wild Bottlenose Dolphins. The 90-minute cruise will take you around Koombana Bay. Guides will find the Bottlenose Dolphins in Koombana Bay and bring you as close to them as possible. Prices and availability can be found here.

Dolphin Swim Tour

The Dolphin Swim Tour, which runs from November to April, is still at the top of our list. You can swim with dolphins under the supervision of expert guides.

Dolphin interaction is not guaranteed as they are wild animals. However, if you do not see any dolphins, you will receive a free second tour.

Koombana Bay Playground & Foreshore

Since the playground was constructed in 2017, we have stopped at Koombana Bay Playground many times on our road trips through the South West. It feels like it’s brand new! This is a good place to store some coffee before you continue your journey. The Discovery Parks Koombana Bay, where we stayed the previous year, is almost across the street.

The theme is nautical, with two large red funnels that look like funnels on a ship. There are also climbing apparatuses and slides. The park also has a flying fox and toilets, as well as a picnic area.

This is also a safe and sheltered beach, so bring your bathing suits! Plan to spend a morning swimming in the ocean, then playing at the playground. Shade sails can be a welcome relief during summer when temperatures can rise *almost* to Perth levels! Bunbury residents love to take part in water sports here and enjoy the sun.

Wardandi Boodja

Wardandi Boodja is a stunning artwork located on the Koombana Bay Foreshore. Wardandi Boodja, a steel bust sculpture measuring five and a half meters tall, represents South West families. It depicts a Noongar’s face. The artists created an image by studying historical and current photos of Noongars to recognize all families in the region.

Take some time to absorb the wisdom of the gaze. Wardandi Boodja changes with the changing landscape and at different times during the day.

Sykes Foreshore Splash Park

We booked our Bunbury pre-Christmas getaway after seeing pictures of the Sykes Foreshore Splash Park on Instagram. The park will be open in 2022 with 40 water features, including the giant tipping bucket.

Originally, I thought this Splash Park belonged to the nearby Discovery Park, Koombana Bay. This is incorrect. The facility is free for all. We could see the playground right from our villa’s verandah. It goes without saying, then, that we are regulars.

Sykes Foreshore Reserve Playground

Another great Bunbury playground. This playground is located on the Leschenault Inlet, with views of Bunbury. This is an ideal spot for a stroll at sunset.

The Splash Park is not the only attraction. There’s also a pirate ship with climbing apparatuses, a fireman’s rod, a flying fox, and slides. The whale tail swing was a favorite of my youngest. The whole area was so lively, with children playing in the shallows and fishing.

There are BBQs, toilets, and picnic shelters at the Sykes Foreshore Playground Splash Park. The facilities are all modern and well-maintained.

Mangrove Cove Playground

The new Mangrove Cove Playground is only a kilometer away from two amazing playgrounds. I was unable to believe it. Both Koombana Bay Foreshore Playground and the Sykes Foreshore Playground are less than a km away!

We have only seen the first stage, which includes a lookout, signs with information, and an outdoor classroom. The second phase will be completed in 2020. We look forward to returning in 2020 for the nature play area that is based on the mangrove system at the Leschenault Inlet. The root-inspired climbing frame, slides, rope ladders, and nets are all included.

In addition to a wheelchair-accessible sand pit and tunnels and cubbies, there will also be a toilet, picnic, and barbeque facilities.

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