How to get to maria island

Have you ever been to an island, an island, an island? Perhaps it’s the kind of lengths that you must visit these days to experience a truly thrilling experience. Maria Island is just that. It is a living remnant of a once wild and wild Australia.

In this guide for travelers, I will provide the top things to take part in at Maria Island, Tasmania. This guide will highlight the top sights, attractions, things to do, and spots to explore on the UNESCO World Heritage Listed marvel.

Then, at the end of this article, I’ve also included a helpful guide for visitors to help you prepare for your excursion. It contains all you should be aware of about arriving and getting around, along with tips and information that will help you enjoy your visit to Maria Island, Tasmania!

How to Get to Maria Island

Because Maria Island doesn’t share a landbridge with Tasmania, It is necessary to arrange a ferry trip or a day trip in order to reach the island. Below, I’ve given a brief review of the most popular choices for visitors to Hobart and Triabunna.

Maria Island Day Trip From Hobart

If you’re within Hobart Hobart, you’ll find that your transportation options are limited by the distances needed to get to the ferry terminal on Tasmania’s eastern coast.

There is a fantastic tour service that can be organized to offer the day trip and cruise to Maria Island that you can reserve on the Internet.

This tour includes shuttle buses from different locations in Hobart, a four-hour sightseeing cruise, and two hours to explore the island (including the optional guided tour of Darlington, the convict colony).

Maria Island Ferry From Triabunna

In addition, passengers can organize their own transportation and ferry trips to Maria Island via the Triabunna Ferry Terminal (Encounter Maria Island). It is a ferry for passengers only as there are no vehicles located on Maria Island.

Version 2023 updated: There are now extremely convenient and inexpensive shuttle service that runs round trips starting from Hobart to Triabunna at a cost of less than $40.

It is believed that the Maria Island ferry departs a couple of times daily from the Triabunna Ferry Terminal. The trip takes just 30 minutes, but you’ll have to register with the Visitor Center in Triabunna 45 minutes prior to departure.

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See the Painted Cliffs

The Painted Cliffs is another awesome coast attraction and is one of the top things to do in Maria Island for those looking for unique photographs. It is located on the western side of Maria Island. These sandstone cliffs are famous for their amazing patterns and distinctive hues.

Visitors to Maria can go to The Painted Cliffs by walking or riding 4.3 km back (1-2 an hour) starting from Darlington. The tracks leading to the cliffs are easy, and you’ll see a variety of wild wombats on the path.

The Painted Cliffs are located on the end of Hopground Beach and are best accessed when the tide is low. However, if you decide to visit at high tide, as I was, you may still access the Cliffs by following the high ground around and then slowly descending to the water along the worn but evident tracks.

Fossick at Fossil Cliffs

Tourists visiting Maria Island who are keen on knowing more about its past, as well as its modernity, are invited to visit the Fossil Cliffs along Maria’s northern shoreline.

The path that leads to Fossil Cliffs is a part of the famous northern circuit loop that starts and ends at Darlington. This is a straightforward 1.5-2 hour ride (4.5 kilometers) that passes by several of the most popular Maria Island attractions. Of course, riding a bicycle to the beginning of the short climb into The Fossil Cliffs is also an option.

Its Fossil Cliffs circuit walks around the worn-out rock shelf that contains hundreds of fossils dating back 300 million years, including corals, clams, sea fans, and scallops.

The Fossil Cliffs is an obliteration of another Maria Island industrial endeavor. This stretch of coast is extremely lime-rich, and, as a result, hopeful entrepreneurs explored the cliffs from 1889 on and then sandblasted the rock rev,ealing the fossil-rich stones below.

Hike to the Summit of Mount Maria

The hikers will be thrilled to learn how Maria Island is one of the best islands in Tasmania for bushwalking. One of the most enjoyable hikes is the summit of Mount Maria.

The Mount Maria walk is quite a long track, and Tasmania Parks recommends at least 8 hours for completion. But, I’d suggest that an excursion to the top and returning to Darlington can be completed within less than 6 hours. The whole walk is about 16 km from Darlington Bearing.

If you’re thinking of undertaking a longer, more extensive trek throughout Maria Island, then a climb to the top of Mount Maria is easily possible by following a variety of routes. I have climbed Mount Maria on my three-day trek through the islands, so ensure you go through the article If you’re looking for a self-guided tour.

If you are in doubt, I’ll tell you that looking at Maria Island from the top of Mount Maria is easily one of the most enjoyable things you can take part in during your stay on Maria Island, Tasmania!

See All the Maria Island Attractions by Bike

Did you know there aren’t any cars on Maria Island? So those who want to discover the island will have to walk around or hire bicycles.

When I decided to walk across the island for three days, I’d suggest that the most effective way to discover Maria is with two wheels. It is possible to rent a bike while you book your ferry ticket, or you can check yourself in on the boat, too.

The possibility of riding a bicycle around the island can be an excellent option as all major tracks are bike-friendly and allow visitors to travel to the stunning Maria Island highlights much faster than walking.

Swim at Darlington Bay

Tasmania is known for having the most stunning beachfront and stunning bays. If you’re traveling on your way to Maria Island during the warmer months, a swim in Darlington Bay is one of the top activities to take part in!

The water is crystal clear and nearly transparent. Darlington Bay is the most accessible swimming location accessible via the ferry. However, other fantastic spots are Hopground Beach (near the painted cliffs) and Shoal Bay (near the isthmus to the south).

If you’re interested in diving or snorkeling, Maria Island is well famous for its amazing shipwrecks and stunning Kelp forests.

Beach on an unseasonably windy and cold day in Maria!

Camp at French’s Farm

The majority of tourists who stay overnight on Maria Island tend to camp at the Darlington Campground or bunk at the old jail. In all honesty, I’m not blaming them for that — Darlington is right next to the ferry and has clean water and showers!

However, for those who have come here to Maria Island to get off the beaten path and discover, you’re likely to be tempted to go to the French’s Farm. The trail follows the coast route south that is referred to in the title of “French’s Farm Coastal route. Walkers can reach this campsite in less than 3 hours, while cyclists can do it in less than an hour.

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