Things to do in Strahan

Tasmania’s West Coast has a rich history and is remote and rugged. This is a destination that will leave a lasting impression on you. There are so many things to do in Strahan and along the West Coast. From riding a steam train to explore iconic West Coast wilderness to exploring temperate rainforest falls, you won’t be able to choose.

This guide will give you the most up-to-date travel advice and tips for Strahan and the West Coast based on my own experience. Below this post, I have included a guide to accommodation in Strahan, as well as some additional photos. I hope that these will inspire you on your trip to this beautiful area.

Gordon River Cruise

One of the most popular things to do in Strahan, and for many people, even throughout Tasmania, is to go on a Gordon River Cruise.

Strahan, located on the northern tip of Macquarie Harbour, is the terminus of the Gordon River. World Heritage Cruises offers a variety of cruises, but the most popular and cost-effective is by far theirs. This is Strahan’s iconic red boat.

The trip usually takes place in the morning and includes a 6-hour round trip along the Gordon River. Stop at Sarah Island to see the aquaculture farms. Also had is a full buffet lunch. In high season, tickets can sell out quickly, so it is best to book in advance.

West Coast Wilderness Railway: Jump on Board

The West Coast Wilderness Railway is a West Coast icon that is known as one of Tasmania’s most popular attractions. The historic rail line travels through the deep wilderness of Tasmania and offers visitors the opportunity to see the rugged yet beautiful landscape on a historic steam engine.

You have several options, but I recommend the “Rack and Gorge,” which departs from Queenstown and runs through the King River Gorge and to the isolated station of Dubbil Barril. This trip is scenic and lasts approximately 4 hours.

Hogarth Falls

If you are looking for things to do in Strahan, make sure that you add Hogarth Falls to your list. This rainforest waterfall can be reached by foot from Strahan Harbour. This walk is also very scenic and easy.

You won’t find a natural wonder so close to an important tourist destination very often, so be sure to visit it.

Drive the 99-Bends to Queenstown

One of my favorite things to do in Strahan and on the West Coast is to go to Queenstown for a day trip to drive along the scenic 99-bends Road. This drive was so beautiful!

This stretch of tarmac snakes over the mountains, offering stunning backdrops and thrilling hairpin turns. This drive is great because you don’t have to own a supercar or 4WD in order to enjoy it. In good weather, any car or camper should be able to handle the terrain. Just drive carefully!

You can find some inspiration in the video below. It contains some short clips from my journey.

Iron Blow Lookout

You can also add Iron Blow Lookout to your list of things to do on the West Coast if you have decided to drive the 99 bends from Queenstown. The Iron Blow Lookout is located just around the corner of the famous Road and provides a historical snapshot of Tasmania’s mining history.

This lookout has an amazing cantilever platform that stretches over an aqua-blue water-filled opening. This site was the first major mining venture at Mount Lyell. It is a reminder of how mining has impacted Tasmania’s past.

Nelson Falls Road Trip

Nelson Falls is another attraction on Tasmania’s West Coast that you should visit. This stunning waterfall can be found in Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, just a few kilometers from Queenstown.

This short trail leads to Nelson Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state. It is also a very quick and easy trip back. If you’re driving through Tasmania’s West, from Strahan to Derwent Bridge, this is a great stop to add to your itinerary.

Nelson Falls is one of many worthwhile stops along this scenic route, including the Frenchman’s Cap Hike and a stop at the Franklin River. But for me, it was the standout.

Whitewater Rafting on the King River

Whitewater rafting down the King River is one of the most adrenaline-pumping adventures you can do on the West Coast.

This Grade-4 run caters to beginners but will also get your heart racing.

This trip is one of the most cost-effective things to do on the West Coast, as it combines white-water rafting down the King River Gorge and the West Coast Wilderness Railway’s spectacular steam train ride all within a single day.

Henty Dunnes: Check It Out

Henty Dunes is the perfect way to finish this list of things to do on the West Coast of Tasmania and in Strahan. The dunes can be found about 14 km north of Strahan, on the Road to Zeehan.

Some of these dunes reach heights of around 30 meters. This landscape is unique to Tasmania. It’s almost like a desert at the edge of a temperate rainforest.

Henty Dunes was formed by the Roaring Forties – a powerful, uninterrupted wind from South America. The dunes are easily walked in 1.5 hours to Ocean Beach, which is the longest stretch of sand in the state. Rent toboggans from Strahan and go down the dunes. Or book an ATV tour.

Explore the West Coast Beyond Strahan

This quick travel guide is intended to give you some ideas for things to do in Strahan and on the West Coast. The adventures do not end here. This guide concentrated mainly on the area around Strahan, Queenstown, and Queenstown. However, there are so many other places to visit in the Wild West.

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