Things to do in Pemberton

Pemberton, located 320km from Perth, is the perfect weekend getaway. Pemberton offers a variety of activities for every traveler, from outdoor adventures to scenic wineries.

In 1862, a station and homestead were established here as the first European settlement. Pemberton, however, is known for its logging industry. This has been the main industry here since 1913, when sawmills were built.

The old-growth forest is still a beautiful sight, thanks to the fact that logging of old-growth trees has been drastically reduced.

Pemberton is home to a variety of activities and sights that are unique. Pemberton is a great destination to visit in Western Australia because of its natural beauty and memorable experience.

How to get to Pemberton W.A

Most attractions can only be reached by car. If you want to relax or maybe go on a local tour, then a bus is an option.

Perth To Pemberton By Car Pemberton, located 320km southwest of Perth, will take you about 4 hours by car. It’s a great place to stop for a weekend getaway but also on your Perth-Esperance road trip.

Perth-Pemberton Bus – TransWA offers a daily bus service from Monday through Saturday. The buses depart and return from the East Perth Terminal and drop you on the main street of Pemberton.

Accommodation in Pemberton, WA

See below for the best accommodation in Pemberton.

Incredible forest and lake view – RAC Karri Valley Resort This is a truly unique and beautiful location, located right on a riverbank in the middle of the Karri Forest. The accommodation, although not in Pemberton itself, is perfectly located to reach some of the most popular attractions listed.

Luxury forest retreat – Mudstone Suites will be the place you choose to stay to rejuvenate your soul and pamper yourself for a few days. Gorgeous rooms, hot tubs, and saunas, dense forest with a glass of local wine in your hand… The stuff of dreams!

Country hotel classic -The historical Pemberton House is located right on the main road. The hotel has comfortable rooms and a restaurant that serves country classics. There is also a pub. This is a great place for people on a tight budget or those who want to be in the city. Just across the street, you’ll find a TransWA bus stop.

Yeagerup Dunes

Imagine driving through the forest and then seeing a huge wall of sand rise above the trees. This site is a mobile dune system that is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

The dunes are moving inland by about 4m per year. This is due to the strong winds blowing off the ocean.

Yeagarup Lake is located next to a day-use area that can be accessed by all vehicles via an unsealed road. A picnic area, toilets, and a campground are available. There is also an information sign. The dune is 3km away (return).

A 4WD vehicle is required to follow the off-road track that leads down to the base of the dunes. This track is easy and can be tackled by any 4WD. The road goes over the dune and to the beach. However, you will need a 4WD vehicle to reach the top.

If you don’t have a 4WD vehicle, an off-road trip is the best option. See our suggested tour at the top of the page.

Climb up the Bicentennial Tree and Gloucester Tree

This is a super unique attraction, and it’s one of the best reasons to visit Pemberton. I have returned to this place many times to experience it again.

These huge trees were originally built to be fire lookouts, but they have metal bars embedded in the wood that allow you to climb to the top.

The climb winds its way up the tree to a series of platforms at the top, culminating in a tiny hut.

The forest surrounding the mountain is stunning, and the view from the top canopy is breathtaking, like a sea of green that never ends. The idea is even more spectacular if you climb during sunset.

The Gloucester Tree can be found right at the edge of town. It is also very easy to reach. The Bicentennial tree is 13 minutes away from the city but is taller. Pristine forests surround both trees, and there is a picnic area at their base.

Channybearup Rd. and Wineries

Pemberton produces some incredible wines. Towering trees and mist-filled valleys surround the vineyards.

Channybearup Rd is a scenic route that passes through rolling hills between forest areas and vineyards on both sides.

The route will take you from the north-east towards the southwest, allowing for a smooth tour. The road can be joined at several points.

Pemberton, being a smaller, less-visited region, may have limited hours or require reservations. Below are some of our top recommendations with links to their hours.

Mountford Estate This winery has beautiful grounds where you can picnic. On-site, there is a craft cidery, and sometimes, they host events during the summer.

Hidden River Estate- If a tasty meal made with seasonal, local ingredients is what you are looking for, then this place is perfect. The restaurant is housed in a restored tram car with great views and atmosphere.

Pemberley Pemberton Pemberley is one of the best-known brands in Pemberton. They are consistently producing high-quality wines. The grounds are stunning, and many events can be seen via the link. Bookings for tastings are only possible through their “wine experience,” but it’s a good price considering the extras.

Beedelup Falls

The waterfall is situated in a park with the same name, and it has been developed well. There are many viewpoints and paths. From the parking lot, a 300m walk will take you to the viewing platform.

You can also walk down the path to a suspension footbridge that crosses the steep, rocky creekbed. This bridge offers the best views of the main falls.

The viewing platform offers an excellent view of the beautiful Karri Valley Resort, located across the river. This resort is a wonderful place to stay, with a 4.5km hike to the waterfalls.

It is best to visit during winter or early spring for a good flow of water. However, it’s a beautiful spot that you can visit any time of the year.

Pemberton Tramway

It is an enjoyable and unique way to learn about the history of the logging industry while also exploring the forest surrounding Pemberton.

The tram ride takes about 75 minutes and travels through beautiful farmland and forest landscape. A commentary is provided on the history of this region.

The cascades are a great place to stop and explore. You will pass beautiful streams and rivers. The wildflowers in spring add a new dimension to the beauty and tranquility of the forest.

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