Things To Do In Halls Gap

Halls Gap is a must-see in Victoria. It’s a tourist paradise with mountains, waterfalls, and breathtaking views around every corner.

Halls Gap is located in the middle of the Grampian National Park, which stretches from Horsham all the way to Stawell or Ararat.

It is the perfect base to explore the area and an important place in history.

Here’s our guide to the top Halls Gap Attractions. Read on to discover the best places for your Halls Gap trip.

Bunjil, the great Eagle spirit, is said to have created Geriward as the traditional name of the Grampians.

Tchingal was a giant Emu who, with his powerful kick, split the mountains and created what we see today.

The Grampians and surrounding area must be seen for it to be believed.

Halls Gap, with its magnificent natural sites like Mackenzie Falls and Grampians National Park, as well as Lake Bellfield and the Grand Canyon, will make you fall in love and want to return again and again.

Boroka Lookout: Get your bearings

Boroka Lookout is a great place to start your trip to Halls Gap.

You’ll enjoy a stunning view of Lake Bellfield and Halls Gap to the east.

You can witness the most beautiful sunrises in the morning if you are an early riser.

The lookout is about a 20-minute drive from Halls Gap.

The Boroka Lookout Grampians viewing site is a 5-minute walk from the parking lot along an accessible path.

Get Up Close To Mackenzie Falls

Mackenzie Falls is one of Halls Gap’s most popular attractions.

The Mackenzie Falls is always crowded with visitors as it is the only waterfall in Halls Gap that runs all year.

The lookout platform at Halls Gap, Mackenzie Falls, is only a few hundred meters from the parking lot and is easily accessible to people with disabilities or young children.

The Mackenzie Falls Walk through the bush will give you a great view of the natural wonder.

You can see the waterfalls by climbing the 260 stairs that lead you to the bottom of the falls.

It can be difficult for some to climb up the steep slope back to the parking lot, but it is well worth it.

The bottom of the falls has a large pool of water. Although tempting (especially during a hot summer day), it is not safe and is not permitted to swim in this area.

You can also look up and see the waterfalls from below.

Mackenzie Falls in the Grampians can be reached by driving along Mt Victory Road for just 25 minutes.

Pinnacle Halls Gap: Lookout over the Grampians

Pinnacles Lookout offers some of the best views of the Grampians’ peaks and ranges.

The Pinnacles Walk offers a spectacular view of the Grand Canyon and other sandstone rock formations.

From the Sundial Carpark, walk 4.2 km back to get to Pinnacle Lookout in the Grampians.

It is easy to become disoriented by the terrain, which can be rocky.

Look out for yellow arrows painted onto the rocks.

The Pinnacles Gap can be reached via a 4.5km route that starts at the Wonderland Carpark. However, this route includes some steeper sections.

The uneven terrain can be difficult for younger children, and it is not accessible to everyone.

Wear sturdy walking shoes on all hikes, and bring plenty of water.

Halls Gap E-Bike Rentals: Make the Most of Technology

You’ll find bikes zipping everywhere in Halls Gap.

If you are tired from all your hiking, the best way to move around is with a battery-powered device!

You can enjoy the scenery and the shared path in the Fyans Valley without any stress.

The cost of renting an E-bike is $35 for 30 mins plus $10 per 30 minutes after that.

You can hire an eBike even for just one hour and ride to Lake Bellfield. It is only 11 kilometers from your home.

Halls Gap E-Bike Rental is located next to the Visitors Information Centre. You can also rent regular push bikes. All helmets are provided.

You will be given a complete briefing before you start your trip on how to use the equipment safely.

Halls Gap Zoo is a great place to take the kids

A trip to Halls Gap Zoo is a great way to spend a day with your family in the Grampians.

The largest regional zoo of Victoria is home to over 160 animals, including giraffes and monkeys.

With an animal experience, children and adults can get close to some of the residents.

Choose from feeding giraffes to hanging out with meerkats and meeting rhinos.

Bags of food are available at the entrance for goats and sheep.

The zoo is a wonderful place to spend a day.

It’s one of Halls Gap’s best family-friendly activities, with BBQ and picnic areas as well as toilets and a children’s playground.

Take on the Grand Canyon Walking Track

The “Grand Canyon,” though not as big as its American name, is still worth a trip. Its spectacular scenery and the waterfalls that you will find along the creek are well worth a visit.

The Grand Canyon walking trail is a 900-metre circuit that starts from the Wonderland Carpark.

It’s a short walk, but it’s one of the most beautiful walks in the Grampians.

You will pass a series of small cascades on the Grand Canyon trail before you reach a tall, narrow waterfall.

Stop for a picnic under the watchful gaze of Wallabies on any of the many rocky terraces.

You can make a full day out of this by making your way to Pinnacle Lookout via Cool Chamber, Bridalveil Falls, and Silent Street.

The Grampians hiking trail is one of many attractions for tourists to the area.

Enjoy Sunsets From The Balconies And Reed Lookout

Reed Lookout, the Balconies, and the Sunset View are some of the top things to do at Halls Gap.

Reed Lookout offers breathtaking views of the Victoria Valley and Victoria Range at any time, but the sunset is the best.

Balconies in the Grampians is another place to visit. It’s a 2 km round trip walk on a dirt road.

The Reed Lookout is a more quiet spot to watch the sunset, as it can be busy on sunny, clear days.

This gentle path takes you through beautiful scenery with interesting rock formations.

Two fingers of rock protrude from the side of the mountain at the balcony’s platform. Locals call them the “jaws” of death, and they are a famous image of the Grampians National Park.

Reeds Lookout can be reached in 15-20 minutes from Halls Gap. It is only a 30-second walk from the parking lot to the viewpoint, making it easily accessible for children of all ages. There are no toilets or picnic areas at the lookout.

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