YouTube Travel Videos – Channels to Follow

These amazing YouTube travel videos are from all over the world. YouTube’s top travel channels will inspire to discover new cultures and countries.

Travel videos can be a great way to pass the time during a long workweek. These funny and inspiring YouTube travel channels are a great alternative to the usual TV shows.

These are my favorite channels. Most of them are run by individual people and not large brands. Big companies also create many cool YouTube travel videos.

The YouTube travel videos and short films you will find here are sure to inspire you to plan your own travels around the globe.

Expert Vagabond

Yeah, that’s me! You can check out my YouTube channel before I introduce my favorite travel vloggers. Shameless Self-Promotion.

Are you a fan of epic adventures that are off the beaten track?

You’ll love it! I’ve traveled around the globe for the last nine years. I have done things like hitchhiking through the United States, diving all over the world, trekking in Afghanistan, and explaining how to take pictures of the northern lights.

I will show you how to open your mind and travel the world.

Best Ever Food Review Show

Sonny travels the world in search of crazy and strange foods to share with others. He is an expert at entertaining viewers by introducing them to new cultures, nutrition, and customs.

Congratulations to him! He has just been given his own Travel Channel show! Congrats buddy!

Fun For Louis

Louis’ travel videos on YouTube surprised me. He posts DAILY updates on his life as he travels to many corners of the globe.

His recent adventure took him to 22 countries in a four-seater plane for a three-month round-the-world journey. He created videos along the way in order to create an independent feature-length documentary that would include footage from the flight and his vision to drive influential change around the world.


Marko and Alex, two brothers with a passion for travel, film their adventures to share them with others. Learn about the world by watching the people who live there. Their personality and humor will hook you.

My favorite videos are How Long-haul Flights Can Be a Challenge and DIY Travel Essentials. They have a wealth of knowledge about travel.

Fearless & Far

Mike, another favorite of mine, is creating some of the most amazing travel videos on YouTube. He has a great eye for video and shares interesting topics in an entertaining & personal way.

He is a YouTuber and filmmaker who specializes in extreme adventure travel. His videos highlight the craziest destinations and wildest travel experiences. He has documented an exploding hammer festival, frog poison rituals, and scuba diving graveyards… to name a few!

Hopscotch The Globe

Kristen’s videos will help you see the world through her eyes. They are often hilarious. She also posts interesting how-tos. Women can poop standing up. You’re going to want to see this.

Kristen and Siya are preparing to embark on their biggest adventure yet as they welcome baby Hopscotch The Globe into their travel team. Congratulations to the guys!

Cailin O’Neil

Cailin is Halifax’s travel blogger and vlogger. She creates entertaining video diaries full of helpful tips & information about popular places & world events. She travels alone and meets many friendly people on the way.

You can’t go back once you enter her channel. Her positive energy and passion for travel will draw you in. Start by clicking here and spend the next couple of hours exploring her content.

Tourist 2 Townie

Gareth shares videos of his experiences as a local living in different countries for several months, as well as his charity projects. Plus, the odd, hilarious international music clip.

He is a firm believer in the importance of traveling to understand cultures and people better. His Samurai Training video in Kyoto, Japan, is my favorite.

Hey Nadine

Nadine’s channel is a travel-related one that shows her having a good time exploring the world. Her videos are full of energy and make you feel as if you were traveling with her.

Her recent travels took her to India, where she documented the entire experience so that you can learn everything you need to before visiting this colorful country. Her channel is full of inspiration, from her best tips for Jaipur to the realities of traveling in Mumbai.


Mark loves to travel and eat. Beware, though, because he makes it all look so good you’ll be hungry pretty quickly!

He decided to travel after graduating from university (why not, right?). He met his wife along the way. She now travels with him around the world, documenting the food they eat and finding the best places to eat. You can expect plenty of Thai-inspired food videos from the two, who are now based out of Thailand.

Sam & Audrey TV

Sam and Audrey are two full-time travelers who love to share their experiences in markets, temples, street food, and more. I love their videos of supermarket shopping in different countries.

Also, they create travel guides that highlight the best places to go and local foods you should try. They also offer tips on how to save money when planning your trip. They want to encourage you to explore and enjoy local food wherever you are – and they’re succeeding! They have been a great inspiration to me on numerous occasions.

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