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Wave Rock is not only the most beautiful formation in Western Australia, but it’s one of its most famous landmarks. The four-hour drive from Perth to Wave Rock passes through the picturesque Wheatbelt region. Wave Rock is the ideal place to experience the Australian outback and gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous culture and history.

Wave Rock might not be the only attraction around. There are many things to do around Hyden to make the drive to Wave Rock worth it. Hyden, a small Wheatbelt city in the south of Australia, is home to many fascinating natural formations and museums. It also has a wildlife park.

Wave Rock is a wonderful stop along your Perth-Esperance road trip, but it can also be a fantastic weekend escape from Perth. This 2-day Perth-to-Wave Rock road trip itinerary will help you plan the perfect weekend getaway.

In this guide, you will find all the information you need, including the best Wave Rock Tours, what to bring, where to stay, and the top attractions in Hyden.

Perth to Hyden Tours

The following tours are a great option if you don’t want to drive yourself. They make the trip easy and carefree. The tour includes transportation, accommodation, and everything else you need to have a great time.

2-Day Wave Rock and Aboriginal Experience This two day tour takes you from Perth to Wave Rock via York, a historic town. You will spend the first day in York, exploring the historic city before visiting the Wave Rock Wildlife Park and Miniature Soldier Museum.

On the second day, you’ll return to Perth after visiting the Hippo’s Yawn and Wave Rock. This tour includes admissions to all museums/attractions as well as one night’s accommodation in Hyden. It also includes breakfast, two lunches, and dinner. This is a great alternative if you want to follow the 2-day Wave Rock itinerary but do not have a vehicle.

1-Day Wave Rock and Wildflower Tour This popular tour is an accelerated version of the above. This tour is designed to cover everything in a single day so that you will spend a lot of time on the bus. The full tour from Perth takes 12.5 hours.

You will stop at York for morning tea on the way to Hyden. After arriving in Hyden, you’ll see Wave Rock, Humps, and Mulka’s cave, with a stop for a country-style lunch in between. This tour includes a country-style lunch, transportation, a tour guide, entrance fees to all attractions, and pick-up/drop-off at your hotel in Perth.

Camping/Caravan Park

Wave Rock Caravan Park- This is the place to plan your stay if you are camping or traveling with a caravan. The caravan park is located just next to Wave Rock. You can have a peaceful morning in Wave Rock without the crowds of tour buses from Perth.

Booking a cabin or powered/unpowered camping is your choice. There are also BBQs, a kids’ playground, a washing machine, and a swimming pool. The museums, Wildlife Park, and Wave Rock Cafe are also within walking distance.

The Hotel

Wave Rock Hotel This popular hotel, located only 5km away from Wave Rock, features a spa, gym, swimming pool, and two restaurants. On our last trip to Wave Rock, we stayed here for a night and enjoyed it. The Bush Bistro Buffet is excellent, and the rooms are comfortable and spacious.


Wave Rock Resort- These self-contained villas are located next to the beautiful Lake Magic and offer a relaxing weekend getaway. This is an ideal spot for a glass or two of wine while watching the sunset. Wave Rock is also nearby, where you can relax with a relaxing float. Wave Rock entry is included with your stay.

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Wave Rock Road Trip Essentials: What to Bring

Seasonal variations in Australia’s Outback weather can be seen. You should be prepared for 30+ degrees and lots of sunshine if you plan to visit Wave Rock in the summer months (November-February). Pack these road trip essentials.

Sun hat



Insect repellent

Fly net

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Sturdy hiking shoes

Perth to Wave Rock Road Trip Day One

Leave Perth early in the morning to begin the 4-hour drive east towards Hyden. You will stop along the way to stretch and grab some food and a cup of coffee. After driving for 2.5 hours, you will reach Corrigin, a small Wheatbelt village.

It’s a great place to stop and have lunch in one of the many local cafes or restaurants. The drive to Hyden is only about 1 hour.

Wave Rock – Wave Rock is the perfect place to start your weekend in Hyden. This is a truly amazing natural formation. There are very few places on earth where you can find such a huge wave in the middle of the desert.

This impressive rock formation dates back almost 3 million years. You can read the signs around the base to find out how the wave formed. Ascend to the top of this wave for a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape.

Before you leave, don’t forget that iconic shot of standing under or riding the wave! You can see beautiful wildflowers around the base of Wave Rock in the spring. Wildflowers paint the fields with vibrant colors from September to December.

If you want to experience something truly special, I recommend going to Wave Rock and watching the sunset. You may be lucky enough to see the sky explode in vibrant colors as it lights up above the rock while the birds who call this area their home fill the air. Watch the stars for a magical experience.

Hippo’s Yawn – You’ll find a 1km loop trail that leads to Hippo’s Yawn, just next to Wave Rock. This granite rock formation resembles an enormous hippo’s mouth. You’ll want to make the trip to see it, especially because you can take a photo inside the mouth.

There is also a parking lot and vehicle access if you prefer to drive instead of walk.

Mulka’s Cave- Indigenous Australians lived in Wave Rock for hundreds of years. Mulka’s cave, located just 15 minutes away from Wave Rock, is a good place to see evidence of this.

The cave’s walls are covered with ancient rock art depicting Aboriginal legends and stories. The cave is named after an Aboriginal legend. The cave was inhabited by a giant called Mulka, whose large handprints can still be seen.

The Humps — Not far from Mulka’s Cave is another unique rock formation. There are many walking trails for those who want to explore the bushland.

Gnamma TrailThis flat and easy 1.2km trail loop takes less than one hour to complete. Signs along the trail tell the story of the Noongar elders and the history of this landscape.

Kalari Trail: This well-marked 1.8km trail will take you to the top Humps, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the landscape. This trail is rated Grade 3 because it can be quite steep at times.

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