Visit Adelaide’s best attractions

Looking for a weekend getaway? Looking for holiday ideas? Adelaide is the perfect destination for an unforgettable vacation. The city is always buzzing with excitement. We’ve got a list of places in Adelaide that are great for both family fun and new adventures.

Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo, Australia’s second-oldest zoo, is home to more than 3,000 different animals of 300 other species. The zoo has 19 different animal experiences, ranging from close encounters with animals to being a zookeeper for the day. The zoo is a great place to take your family to in Adelaide. You can meet everything from meerkats and penguins to lions.

Kangaroo Island Day Tour From Adelaide

Kangaroo Island is a hidden gem that has so much to offer besides kangaroos. The large island is home to Australian wildlife, such as koalas and wallabies. Kangaroo Island, with its beautiful scenery, beautiful beaches, and secluded location, is a popular tourist destination.

Cleland Wildlife Park

Cleland Wildlife Park allows you to explore the park with some furry companions. You can pet, feed, and observe kangaroos and emus in close proximity. Be sure to bring your camera to take a picture with your new friend. Cleland Wildlife Park has a variety of activities for all ages, including educational talks, discovery paths, a café, and a gift shop.

Dolphin Sanctuary Kayaking tour

Visit Port Adelaide and paddle in the calm waters of The Dolphin Sanctuary. It’s not your typical kayaking adventure. Bottlenose dolphins will swim right beside you while you explore the area. You will be guided by professional guides who will ensure that you have an enjoyable and safe experience as you visit some of the most iconic landmarks in the area and explore shipwrecks.

Adelaide Botanic Garden

Adelaide Botanic Garden is home to one of Australia’s most impressive plant collections. The Adelaide Botanic Garden is made up of 12 garden areas. It’s a plant lover’s dream. Smell the 5,000 roses in the International Rose Garden. Take a picture in the Dahlia Garden. Learn more about the design of gardens at the SA Water Mediterranean Garden. This impressive garden is also home to striking architecture like the Palm House, built in 1877, and the Bicentennial Conservatory, which was constructed in 1989. It’s currently the largest single-span glasshouse in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a place that you must visit when in Adelaide.

Adelaide Himeji Garden

Adelaide Himeji Garden is the perfect place to escape from all of the city noise and find peace. This traditional Japanese garden offers a quiet retreat for anyone looking to escape the city. You might not want to leave the park, with only goldfish, ducks, and the sound of the waterfall and the well-maintained Zen garden as a company.

Waterfall Gully

Waterfall Gully is the home of Cleland’s largest waterfall. Put on your hiking boots and enjoy a relaxing trip. Waterfall Gully is a great place to visit in Adelaide. It’s less than an hour’s drive from the city. There’s no need to miss this natural beauty. You can also travel up to Mount Lofty Summit from there for a similar experience and unmatched panoramic views of Adelaide.

Belair National Park Holiday Park

This nature retreat is the perfect place to spend the day exploring or a night sleeping under the stars. Belair National Park Holiday Park is the ideal place to immerse yourself in Australia’s breathtaking wilderness. The park is perfect for outdoor adventurers. It offers endless views, walking and biking trails, as well as a swimming pool. You can also see kangaroos and koalas.

Henley Beach

Henley Beach is the perfect place to get a tan and catch some fish. You can also enjoy a sunset while you are there. You can splash around in the refreshing water or read a book while you dry off. You won’t be bored at all. There are also shops, picnic areas, and live entertainment nearby. Enjoy a dinner on the beach at one of the nearby restaurants or bars.

Grange Beach

Grange Beach is the perfect place to relax and unwind. You can relax and grow in this tranquil location. While you’re there, enjoy some time with family or friends to go fishing or build sandcastles.

Glenelg Beach

Glenelg Beach is Adelaide’s most famous city beach. Enjoy a day of relaxation with beachside ice cream or gelato while your kids enjoy a cool dip in the water. Glenelg has a variety of cafes, boutiques, and buskers to keep you busy. Celebrate a wonderful day with your family by taking a walk down the jetty to capture a beautiful sunset.

South Australian Museum

The South Australian Museum, which houses over four million specimens and cultural objects, has been an educational venue in the country for over 150 years. The museum has a great Paleontology Collection, which is notable for its over 50,000 fossil specimens. The Humanities collection, which contains the most comprehensive and largest collection of Australian Aboriginal culture material, is also worth a visit. The South Australian Museum has something for everyone, and they are always putting on new exhibits.

Art Gallery of South Australia

The Art Gallery of South Australia has nearly 45,000 pieces of art dating back 2,000 years. Consider the meaning and history behind some of the most impressive paintings, photos, and sculptures. Textiles, clothing, jewelry, and furniture, as well as metalwork and other pieces from Australia and around the world, will help you to see the history of Australia. The Art Gallery of South Australia is a great place for kids, teens, and adults to explore. You can also take home some of your favorite pieces from the Gallery Store.

Carrick Hill

Carrick Hill, which was completed in 1939, is one of Australia’s few period homes that has kept its original contents almost intact. The English-style manor house is a reminder of the lavish lifestyles of Australia’s cultured and wealthy in the mid-20th century. With its hillside location and vibrant garden, as well as the extraordinary private art collection inside the home, this destination is one the most romantic and popular places to visit in Adelaide. Carrick Hill, with its expansive Formal Gardens and unique interiors, is truly a one-of-a-kind destination.

St. Peter’s Cathedral

St. Peter’s Cathedral, with its neogothic architecture and stunning interiors, is one of Adelaide’s iconic landmarks. Many weddings and worships have taken place in front of its beautiful stained glass windows and ornately carved furniture. Visit the cathedral for a tour or to listen to the St. Peter’s Cathedral choir.

RoofClimb Adelaide Oval Experience

This high-risk adventure allows you to see Adelaide’s cityscape from the Adelaide Oval roof. After you have climbed the Oval, get ready to muster up some courage and try the Lean Out – leaning over railings from 50 meters high! Climb the Oval with your friends and enjoy a safe, chilling experience.

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