Valley Of The Giants Tree Top Walk

No matter where I am, a walk in nature is at the top of my list.

Fresh air, peace, and escaping the crowds are all wonderful for my body and mind.

Add some really big trees, also known as the Valley of the Giantshere Australia’s South West Region, to the mix, and the fun factor increases.

You’ll know that we’re always on the lookout for new nature spots to visit in Western Australia.

The region is famous for its white sand beaches, towering forests, rugged coastlines, nature trails, and gorges. Wildflowers are also in season.

We had the Valley of the Giants and the Tree Top Walk in the Tingle Forest penciled into our 18-month tour around Australia. This is a popular tourist destination near the towns of Denmark or Walpole.

Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

The Valley of the Giants, a forest of Eucalyptus Trees with 400-year-old Red Tingle Trees, is nestled between Denmark in the Walpole Wilderness area of the Walpole Nornalup National Park.

The trees of this forest are huge, as the name implies.

The best way to enjoy them is by taking the Tree Top Walk, which is suspended 40 meters above ground level in the canopy.

The 600-meter walk is an engineering marvel, connecting six steel pylons and trusses interconnected by cables.

The bridge is a massive metal structure that doesn’t seem to interfere with nature. It seems to disappear between the trees.

The Valley of the Giants is free, and you can walk around the grounds, visit the Ancient Empire Trees, and hike along the hiking trails. However, the Tree Top Walk costs money.

How to get there

The Valley of the Giants, Nornalup, is located about 420 km from Perth on the Valley of the Giants Road, off the South Coast Highway.

It’s a 30-minute drive along the South Coast Highway from Denmark.

The park is open every day except Christmas Day. The park may be closed in extreme weather conditions (lightning, very strong winds). The Tree Top Walk opens from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., but the last entry is at 4.15 p.m.

Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk

Accessible to those with mobility problems and strollers, the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk offers a scenic treetop walk.

The visitor center and toilets are accessible to wheelchair users, while parking is on a level slope. You can also push a wheelchair or stroller easily on the wide paths.

A complimentary hire of a wheelchair or stroller is available.

What is the cost of Tree Top Walk

Tree Top Walk costs only $21 per adult, $10.50 per child, and $52.50 per family.

Concession tickets are $15.50 for Australian Seniors and those with Age Pension, Disability Support, and Centrelink Carer cards.

Valley of the Giants: Our Experience

We love walking, trees, forests, and nature. We just had to go.

We headed to the tranquility of the forest after our morning swim at Elephant Rocks – a stunning beach that you should visit while in the area.

The large red tingle tree gives its name to the Valley of The Giants. They are indeed giants. But when you put Kalyra or Savannah into their hollowed-out butts, the scale of their size is immediately brought into focus!

The Treetop Walkway

You can get a birds-eye perspective of the tingle forests by walking 40 meters above the ground.

The lightweight steel trusses provided a safe platform. I was able to focus on the forest and the smiling faces of my children as we enjoyed a family activity in the air over the deep red tingle valley.

The Tree Top Walk is built on the side of a natural valley. The gentle slope makes it suitable for children and strollers. Its highest point is about 40 meters high.

Ancient Empire Boardwalk

The Ancient Empire Walk will give you a new perspective on the Ancient Empire, a grove full of trees that have a veteran tingle.

The forest is named after the giant trees that grow in this area. Some of these trees measure up to 16 meters around their base.

The children loved exploring the shapes and sizes of the giant trees, as well as the hollowed-out butts.

The canopy was a welcome relief from the hot sun, as it provided shade and a peaceful environment.

From the visitor’s interpretation center, you can start walking along the 600-meter Ancient Empire boardwalk. The entry to this experience is completely free. However, there is a fee for the treetop walk.

What to do in Denmark

Denmark is close to the Valley of Giants and would make the perfect place to stay. Denmark is a small, peaceful town that’s home to many artisans. It’s surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. We hope you will stay awhile. Accommodation options in Denmark are listed below.

Last Thoughts about the Valley of the Giants treetop walk

We had an amazing time exploring the Valley of the Giants grounds, and we did the Treetop Walk.

The beauty of nature was breathtaking, and it was a nice escape from the bustle and noise of Perth.

Visit the Valley of the Giants if you are in the South West of WA. The Valley of the Giants is a short trip, but you’ll have lasting memories.

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