Tips for Buying Second Hand Tyres

Many people ask us if we can sell used tyres at a lower price than new ones. Although it’s not illegal to sell worn-out tyres, and many tyre stores do it, we don’t.
We will explain why you shouldn’t try to save money by purchasing tyres from someone else who has replaced them or that are taken from a vehicle that was written off.

In Manukau, tyres must have a minimum of 1.5mm tread depth (new tyres are between 6-8mm) to be roadworthy. If they have wear indicators at a higher level then that wear level will apply. It is not possible to re-cut or regroove a tyre unless it has been specifically specified. A tyre must be ADR23 compliant before it can be sold. However, this does not specify the use of used tyres. While most road transport associations in Manukau will tell car owners to check whether the tyres are old enough for their vehicle or the age they want to buy, they do not specify at what age the tyres should be rejected.

It depends on a lot of factors, such as where the tyres are from, whether they’ve been sitting for a long time, if they were stacked in the open, etc. In some countries, it is mandatory that the second hand tyres in Manukau are clearly marked as worn out. This requirement does not exist in Manukau.

Why buy used tyres?
The price of tyres is dropping, particularly since ‘new’ Asian brands have entered the market, which has forced premium brands to offer budget rubber.

Many people will say that the budget is their main reason for purchasing used tyres. This is a false economics. Used tyres will not last as long as brand new ones, so you’ll have to replace them more frequently and end up spending more money in the long term. You’re putting your safety, that of your family, or even someone else’s at risk if you don’t know what the history of the tyres is.

You’re also buying something that has a lower safety profile, which is utterly absurd. You’ll reduce your car’s grip on both dry and wet roads if you have less tread on your tyres’ shoulders and face. TyreSafe in the UK conducted a test comparing new and used tires. The results showed that the braking distances on wet roads increased dramatically from 90km/h.

Buying used tyres
Most sellers of part worn tyres may tell you that they have had them thoroughly checked by experts. However, in reality, most have not. In the Manukau for example, part-worn tires sold must have passed several tests. These include an inflation test and structural integrity assessment. They also need to be marked as “Part Worn” and have a minimum 2mm tread. In Manukau, this is not the case.

There is a virtual silence in Manukau on this matter, with no checks being made on tyres which are worn to a certain extent. If you are caught driving with treads that are below the minimum depth, you may be given a defect warning. This can cost you more than $100 for each tyre, and you will usually lose one demerit.

It’s not worth it to buy a used tyre. You won’t get the same safety checks in this country as you would in other countries, you’ll also be paying more in the end (part-worn tires aren’t any cheaper).

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