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The Sunshine Coast is located along Queensland’s coast, just 100km from Brisbane. You’ll see the beautiful landscapes of the Sunshine Coast as you travel through Caloundra, a laid-back beach town, or the Noosa Everglades.

After a relatively short drive from Brisbane, I drove to the Sunshine Coast. My goal was to kayak through Noosa National Park. This is one of my favorite things to do here. I also found beautiful beaches, stunning National Parks, and many indoor attractions.

Despite its popularity as a tourist destination, the Gold Coast is only a few hours away. The perfect location for relaxing, exploring, and adventuring! This handy list will answer your questions if you are visiting this part of Queensland and wondering what to do on the Sunshine Coast. Please take a look.


Every year, humpbacks visit the east coast of Queensland as they migrate to warmer waters off Hervey Bay. Though they don’t stay on the Sunshine Coast for very long, you can still see them from August through November.

You can get up close to these gentle giants by booking a tour from Mooloolaba. There are generally two different types of terms: one where you can view the whales on your boat and the other where you get to jump into the water with them!

PRICE$165 for a four-hour small group trip with humpback whales!

TOP TIP: If you do not want to pay extra for a tour, a walk on the Noosa Coastline Walk will put you in the best position to spot a whale breaching just a few hundred meters off the coast!

Enjoy the scenery in NOOSA National Park

The best thing to do for free on the Sunshine Coast is to explore the walking trails in Noosa National Park. Many billboards informed me during my visit that this was one of Australia’s earliest parks and one the most popular in Queensland!

The park is 4,000 hectares and includes lakes, mangroves, and conservation zones. I didn’t get to do all the trails, but I managed to fit in a walk on the coastal path early in the morning. The course is just over 5km and takes about three hours, but with all the things to see and do here, you could easily make it an entire day activity! Granite Bay was my favorite spot for the beach views and Dolphin Point to see sea life below.


The Sunshine Coast was my top choice for things to do. I chose kayaking through the Everglades. The Noosa Everglades have tea-colored waters that reflect the trees beautifully.

The Everglades can be explored in many ways. I chose a self-guided tour, which was $99 per day, to see the sights at my own pace. I was very tired by the end of the time, but it was worth it! Consider a guided boat tour to avoid the arm pain. It’s a bit more expensive ($130 per person), but it includes a lunch and a walk through the mangroves.

PRICE$99 for a self-guided full-day tour that includes kayak rental, maps, and a short lesson.

Top up your tan on NOOSA HEADS BEACH MAIN

Remember when I told you that the Sunshine Coast has a lot of beaches and relaxing places? This is the best beach that I have found!

It’s also a great place for beginners to learn to surf, as the waters are protected and there is gentle surf. Hasting Street is the main street of Noosa Heads, and it’s full of restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, etc.

Freefall over the Sunshine Coast

You’ll be freefalling for about 60 seconds at a speed of 200km/hour before your parachute is deployed, and you slowly float down to the ground. This gives you plenty of time to admire the stunning beaches and coastline of Queensland.

Skydiving is something I have done in New Zealand, but I would definitely try it again if I hadn’t already! Skydive Noosa also offers tandem skydives at 10,000ft if you aren’t quite ready to jump 15,000ft. You will still get the same stunning views but with a shorter freefall time.

PRICE: $329 for a jump at 10,000ft and $364 from 15,000ft.


This isn’t the mountain that you may have imagined… It’s a dome-shaped volcano rock that rises to 208 meters above sea level. It’s only 800 meters long, but the hike is steep, so bring water and sturdy shoes!

You’ll see why Mount Coolum has a reputation for being a beautiful place to enjoy the view of the Coral Sea and the beach. The climb was completed just in time to see the sunrise. There were no other people in sight. It was also still cool in the early morning, and I didn’t need to fight the heat from the sun.


I was wrong! I had no idea that you could reach Fraser Island from Rainbow Beach or Hervey Beach. What a mistake I made!

Many tours along the Sunshine Coast take guests on a tour to see the best of the island within a single day. This tour, which departs from Noosa, will take you to 75 Mile Beach, the Champagne Pools, and the Maheno Shipwreck in just 12 hours. Prepare yourself for a full day of scenic views and 4WDing along the beach.

Price:$195 for each person, including transfers to and from the hotel, breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea.


It was worth the drive to Eumundi, a village 20 km from Noosa, to visit the markets.

This small village is transformed into a vibrant market town every Wednesday and Saturday. Over 350 stalls sell everything from house plants to homemade chutneys. Since the market was founded over 40 years ago, some vendors still trade here.

The easiest way to reach the markets is to book a round-trip shuttle bus from any Sunshine Coast hotel. This costs around $30 per person. To make it easier, you can reserve a round-trip shuttle bus at any Sunshine Coast Hotel for about $30 per person.

Learn to surf on Noosa Beach

This is how I discovered that surfing is not the sport for you! I had a lot of fun trying it out! Noosa’s Main Beach has beginner waves, whether you hire a board and try it yourself or book a lesson like I did.

The waves here are slow and low, with no currents to take you out. If you want to become a pro surfer, booking three lessons in bulk is cheaper.

PRICE$72 per two-hour lesson, including all the equipment.

TOP TIP: If you are a professional surfer and you have your equipment with you, you should head to Peregian Beach or Sunshine Beach, where the waves will challenge you!

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