Things To Do In Richmond Tasmania

Richmond is located just 25 minutes northeast of Hobart. It is a great alternative to Hobart for exploring the area. Richmond, Tasmania, has so much to offer that you might need to stay longer than just a one-day trip from Hobart.

Richmond offers a fascinating glimpse into the history and settlement of Europeans in Australia. Many convict-built structures are well preserved, and there are several places you can visit to gain an insight into the history of this part.

Richmond, located in the Coal River Valley, is surrounded by beautiful vineyards and top-notch wineries. Richmond is a wonderful holiday destination and also a good base to explore southern Tasmania.

Richmond Bridge & St Johns Church

The oldest stone arch in Australia is still in use today. You will drive over the 1823 bridge to reach Richmond Bridge’s carpark. The bridge itself is a unique experience, but the best way of viewing it is by taking a walk along the river.

Near the car park, there is a park with ducks. If you walk a few steps up the road, you’ll reach St John’s Church. This small but beautiful church is located on a steep slope and offers sweeping views of the town and bridge. The oldest Catholic church in Australia, the church was founded in 1837.

You can find the best view if you walk across the bridge and follow the riverbank a short distance. Continue to look back as you walk along the river. You’ll find a place where you can view both the church and the bridge at the same. Richmond, Tasmania, is known for its many attractions, but the best thing to do there is to find the best places to take pictures of this bridge.

Richmond Gaol

The Gaola, which dates back to 1825, is yet another milestone in Richmond’s list of oldest Australian buildings. The property has been beautifully preserved and is laid out with information placards and displays. The convicts that were housed there built it.

Models and antiques are used to create a realistic impression of the conditions. Imagine the misery that must have been felt when building these small cells, knowing they were soon to be your home.

Children who complete the “eye spy” challenge will receive a prize. Adults can also use this to find hidden details they might otherwise overlook.

Drink Tasmania Tasting House

It is the perfect place to try a wide range of craft liquors from southern Tasmania. The store stocks a wide range of local spirits and wines and offers affordable tastings.

The staff is very knowledgeable, and the store has an amazing atmosphere. You can buy a souvenir after finding your favorite local beverage to enjoy at home or later.

Richmond also offers fantastic tours for those who decide to stay there. You can choose from a variety of options depending on what you prefer. Discover the best of whisky, gin, and wine (along with some cider), or combine them all.

Richmond Heritage Walk

Richmond’s heritage buildings are best seen on this 2.2km easy walk. Many of the buildings that still exist from the 1800s are built in the Georgian Style with beautiful sandstone blocks.

You will see both the Richmond Bridge as well as the Gaol. The Old School House will be visible, as well as St Luke’s Anglican Church.

The walk can be finished at the picnic area located near the bridge. Richmond has a wide range of delicious food, so bring a picnic and work up an appetite while walking.

Visit the website to find a map and a brief history of each of the stops. You can visit and explore most of these stops to learn about their past and current uses.


The focus of this science museum is unique! You will learn a lot about animal poo.

The displays on dinosaur poo, and the discoveries made from it, are especially interesting. The interactive exhibits are geared towards children.

This is where you can find something totally different to do in Richmond. This is a great way to break up the usual Richmond Tasmania activities.

Old Hobart Town Model Village

It’s a great way to learn more about Hobart’s history. It’s a replica village of the city in its early 1800s. It was built using historical city plans and has so many little details.

You may recognize some of the buildings if you’ve been to Hobart before. You will receive a map when you enter the museum. It shows you how each area relates to Hobart today. The paths in the village follow routes of the main streets still used today.

It’s fun to explore the many scenes that are authentic and every day. The hidden scenes are scattered throughout the park, and there is a list for children to check off. The gardens surrounding the museum are well-maintained and enhance the experience.

Wicked Cheese Co. & Littlewood Berry Farm

Richmond is not an exception. Tasmania has many small farms/stores that sell delicious, fresh produce. You will find two excellent options just outside of town, almost right next to one another.

If you’re looking for something more savory, head over to Wicked Cheese Co., where they have a range of handmade cheeses. Tasmanian dairy is the best. The milk comes from a family-owned farm in Tasmania. Each day, you can sample a variety of products to help make your decision.

The Littlewood Berry Farm is right next door. You can pick your strawberries right off the plant. The strawberries are not sprayed with chemicals, and they have a better price/quality than the supermarket.

Richmond Village Market is a must-see if you are in the city on a weekend. The market is open from 9 am until 3 pm and has a wide range of local fruits and vegetables.

Zoodoo Zoo

This small zoo is located just outside Richmond. It has both local and exotic animals. This is one of Tasmania’s most popular animal parks and provides a wide range of experiences for visitors.

Entry fees include a variety of talks and presentations by the keepers. A small fee is charged for the opportunity to interact with animals and reptiles.

There are a variety of Tasmanian natives, including Wombats, Quolls, and Devils. Kangaroos are also available for international visitors, as well as Cassowaries and Snakes.

You might be surprised to learn that you can find Lions, Monkeys, and Meerkats in Tasmania! You can explore a variety of species and habitats.

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