Things To Do In Queenstown

Queenstown, on the South Island, is the perfect destination for those who love adrenaline, adventure, and the beauty of the Southern Hemisphere.

Queenstown, the adventure capital, has attracted visitors for decades. This once sleepy village, nestled in the mountains, is now one of the top tourist destinations in Australia.

We spent five days in Queenstown during our first visit to New Zealand in 2018.

We arrived in the morning to fog and mist. We had no idea of what we were facing. The clouds cleared in the morning, and the Southern Alps mountains were revealed. We were stunned.

Around us, we saw snow-capped peaks and mist rising from Lake Wakatipu. The trees were also a beautiful autumn color. We were able to experience the Queenstown atmosphere we had been told about.

We were thinking, “Where even to begin?” as we sipped our coffee. What should we do in Queenstown?

We’ve returned to Queenstown twice more since then, and each time, we find more amazing activities, which makes us fall more in love with this place.

Queenstown has many things to do

There are plenty of activities to do in this city. While it may be tempting to stroll around and drink craft beer, you should get out there and explore.

There are many hiking trails and adventure tours in New Zealand. From the Southern Alps to the beautiful Lake Wakatipu, you will find endless opportunities for adventure.

Queenstown is full of fun activities and natural beauty. It’s hard to choose what to do if this is your first visit.

We recommend that you get up as early as possible and begin your day as soon as you can. We did exactly that.

This article will help you plan your next trip.

This is our guide to the top things to do in Queenstown, New Zealand, during your vacation.

Get your heart pumping with AJ Hackett

Do something every day that makes you nervous. We live by this quote, and the legends of AJ Hackett also take it to heart.

AJ Hackett is the person who introduced Bungy Jump to the world. It’s a crazy activity that involves tying a large elastic band around your body and jumping from a high place.

This became a global sensation, and AJ Hackett founded the best and original bungy company right here in Queenstown.

There are several bungy sites in the area. The first one was the Kawarau Bridge, just outside the town. This is where the commercial bungy operations began!

Even if you don’t think so, the Ledge Bungy will make you jump. The Ledge Bungy is 47m high, not the highest or the craziest, but the view of Queenstown from 450m away will make your mind play tricks on you.

The Ledge Bungy is different than the others in the country because it offers a “Freestyle Jump.”

You can now leap off the edge in style, whether you want to do it forwards or backward.

Want to try something new but not bungy jump? Check out the Ledge Swing.

It’s up to you to pull the lever, and then it will send you flying off the mountain. This is one of the best things to do in Queenstown.

The Ledge Bungy will be temporarily closed in October 2022. Visit the website to get updates and see other activities available in Queenstown, New Zealand, and elsewhere.

Shotover River Jet Boat Ride

Did you visit Queenstown if you didn’t take the Shotover River Jet Boat Ride?

Jet boating in Queenstown is a very unique activity. You’ll find it all over New Zealand. It’s one of the best things to do.

Jet boats are agile and fast vessels capable of driving at incredible speeds and turning 360 degrees in a flash. You can probably see the direction this is heading.

The Shotover River, while there are many other options for jet boating around Queenstown, is the most popular and iconic.

The spectacular Shotover River views will take your breath away. Located just 10 minutes outside of downtown, this hotel is located in the heart of the Shotover Canyon.

After being picked up at the adventure center, we donned a raincoat and life jacket (provided by the staff there) and prepared for our 20-minute jet boating trip.

The boat is rushing down the Shotover River through a narrow canyon with huge cliffs above and drifting close to the rocks.

We would reach speeds up to 85km/h while the wind was rushing through our hair. Everyone would scream and laugh.

You don’t need to worry – the drivers of jet boats are among the best in the country. They know what they can and cannot do, so everyone is safe.

Jet boating is a popular activity in Queenstown and one of the best tours you can book.

Ben Lomond Hike: How to tackle it

This hike is a full day and takes between 6-8 hours. You will be rewarded with stunning views of Lake Wakatipu. This is one of the most beautiful hiking trails around, and it makes our list of the best Queenstown Walks.

This trail is open only from November 1st to March 31st.

It is closed outside of these hours due to the heavy snowfall.

We recommend that you start early in the morning when temperatures are still cooler.

You can skip the Gondola. You can walk the Tiki Trail starting at the bottom, which will take you to the same spot.

As you walk up, you will see incredible views of the Remarkables and Coronet Peak, as well as Lake Wakatipu. The pictures only get better and better the higher you go.

The trail is clearly marked, and the scenery is a mixture of wooded and alpine scenes. Continue uphill once you reach the ridgeline to Ben Lomond Saddle at 1326m.

You will then reach the Moonlight Track. This is a great place to rest before continuing on your way up. The path is steep, so be careful.

Ben Lomond’s summit is 1728m high. On a clear, sunny day, you can see miles in all directions.

Wear sturdy shoes and bring hiking poles, if you wish. Pack snacks, lunch, and plenty of water.

Please do not feed any Keas that you may encounter at the top.

Skyline Queenstown Luge Ride

If you are at the Skyline Queenstown’s top, then you should try out one of Queenstown’s most popular activities – riding the Luge.

You jump into a small buggy and use the steering wheel to accelerate or slow down. Then, you race down the downhill track, banking into the turns while cheering yourself on.

It’s more fun if you race with a group or friend, but it’s still a great thing to do in the city if you are on your own.

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