Things To Do In Noosa

Noosa Heads is the largest town in the area. Noosa Heads is home to many of the top attractions.

Sunshine Beach and Rainbow Beach, the two other major beach towns, are located south of Noosa Heads. The Sunshine Coast Hinterland is just inland and offers even more exploration.

Explore Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park is a must-see and one of the best things to do when in Noosa.

Noosa National Park is spread over 4000 hectares. It has four sections: Emu Mountain Section, Headland Section, and Peregian Section.

Noosa National Park has a variety of walking trails that range in distance and difficulty.

Enjoy the stunning views of Tea Tree Bay by walking along the Boiling Pot Trail.

Dolphin Point offers incredible views and is a good place to see whales and dolphins. (June to November).

If you want to experience the Sunshine Coast Hinterland from a higher elevation, try Tanglewood Walk, Emu Mountain, or Hawkea Walk.

You can also walk the eastern side, where you’ll see sights such as Lion’s Rock and Devil’s Kitchen. Sunshine Beach is located just south of the walking track, so it’s a great place to visit after your hike.

Keep your eyes open for local wildlife like dolphins, whales, and Koalas while exploring Noosa National Park.

Take a Vitamin C Dose

The Big Pineapple, a Noosa Attraction that is iconic and one of the busiest, is a Noosa icon.

This roadside attraction, located at Nambour Connection Road, is the ideal spot to take a picture and stretch your legs.

This pineapple farm was previously known as The Sunshine Plantation. It was family-owned.

In the early 1970s, families traveling along the Sunshine Coast or South to Brisbane would often stop at the Sunshine Plantation.

After a few years, the location was closed and reopened by a new owner who wanted to improve it and make it more attractive.

The Big Pineapple now has a cafe, a gift shop, a children’s train ride, rainforest walks, and a small on-site zoo.

Visitors can climb up to the top of this giant yellow citrus fruit.

Over the years, the site was also used for live music events and festivals such as the Big Pineapple Music Festival.

Visit the Eumundi markets

Eumundi Markets have been held twice a week in Noosa since 1979.

You can stroll the market on Wednesdays and Saturdays to see local artists, artisans, farmers, and food stands. If you’re planning to cook during your trip, this is the perfect place to buy fresh produce.

Visit the Kiki’s Art in Clay stand to see amazing handmade pottery.

Stop by Nimo’s Schnitzels for a delicious lunch, or grab a coffee from Bean and go.

Find beautiful hand-blown glass jewelry and stunning accessories by Ecoluxe. Nedz Sandals also has a wide range of products.

Stop by David’s Divine Expressions to get a massage if you want to spend more time relaxing rather than shopping, eating, or doing other things.

You can also pick up locally-made soaps at Oska & Willow and take them home.

Live music and other events are also held here often, particularly during the holiday season.

Noosa Farmers Market offers a local option for those who want to visit Noosa Markets in a more convenient location. Noosa Farmers Market, located in Noosa Heads, is full of locally produced and handmade goods.

Noosa Marina Markets also offers a great selection of fresh seafood. You can’t go far wrong with these 3 Noosa market options.

Learn to surf

Noosa is a world-class surf destination.

There are wave breaks for all levels of surfers.

Noosa Main Beach is a great spot for beginners to learn how to surf. The beach is also stunning, with white sand. Take some great photos and then relax on the sand.

Many outfitters offer lessons. However, it is best to choose local instructors as they know the waters well.

The Noosa Life Savers Tower is located at First Point.

First Point offers a stunning view for photographers.

If you are a more experienced surfer, then check out Nationals, located right beside the carpark at the Noosa National Park entrance.

Although the waves are not known to reach higher than five feet, storms that bring large swells can cause them.

It’s not recommended for beginners and should be done with caution.

Sunshine Beach is located near Noosa Heads and offers a variety of surfing opportunities for all levels.

Noosa is a great place to surf. You can enjoy a new perspective on the beautiful beaches while on your surfboard.

Visit Hastings Street – the heart of Noosa

Noosa Hastings Street was voted the best main street in Australia. It is the soul and heart of the city.

You’ll find everything in Noosa here: boutiques, cafés, restaurants, and tour operators. There is also live music, hotels, and all the other things you might need.

What more could you want?

Every Sunday, you can pick up fresh local produce and snacks to take along for a picnic on the beach at the Noosa Farmers Market.

Browse the Noosa Region Gallery to see art and photos from Noosa locals.

The “snail” of approval is on display at all the Noosa restaurants and cafes.

It is the first program of its kind in Australia. All participants who have this approval are able to provide “good, fair, and clean food,” which is a wonderful thing.

Visit Nosh Express to enjoy delicious and fresh seafood just a few steps from the beach.

Visit the classic Café the Monde, which has been in existence for many decades. Enjoy delicious fresh food and coffee with the best of fresh produce.

You can also visit Miss Moneypenny’s to enjoy a handcrafted cocktail and a decadent ambiance.

Hastings Street in Noosa is a wonderful place to stroll and window shop, as well as get a sense of the town.

Stop at Laguna Lookout for some photo ops

Take your camera to the edge of Noosa Heads. The beautiful Laguna Lookout is located on Noosa Hill.

This lookout is built on a large, circular concrete platform that sits next to a small hill where you can picnic and relax.

There are no benches or seating areas here.

You can enjoy a panoramic view of the Noosa River and the entire town from the Laguna Lookout.

Enjoy the beauty of nature while watching the sunset over the beach.

You can even see the Glasshouse Mountains on a clear day.

You can use the dial at the lookout to determine what direction you are looking in if you don’t know what you are looking at.

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