Things To Do In Hervey Bay

The Fraser Coast is a region in Queensland with over 50,000 residents and a laid-back vibe. While you can escape the crowds, this area is also known as the Humpback Whale Watching Capital of Australia and the gateway to Fraser Island. Hervey Bay is a great place to visit, but with all this happening, does it make sense?

I spent many years in Hervey Bay, as I grew up not too far away. While it is a popular destination for older people and families, there are plenty of things to do (including myself) in Hervey Bay. It’s one of the most popular stops between Brisbane and Cairns.

Hervey Bay is a worthwhile destination

Hervey Bay, especially Fraser Island and the Migrating whales, are worth visiting. Today, I will explore not only the Migrating Whales but also some other activities that you may not be aware of. By the end of this article, you should be able to decide if it is a place you would like to visit.

Hervey Bay would be a good place to live if you like the ocean view, wildlife, water activities, fishing, and the sea air. It’s also rich in history, and you can find out about the sugar cane and timber industries. Explore the heritage-listed architecture as well.

Whale Watching Cruise

Each year, the Humpback Whales migrate from June to November (the best times are August and September). Hervey Bay is home to over 600,000 tourists every year.

These gentle giants meander through the water and put on a great show for tourists. The breaching of the surface, the big splashes, and the poking out of the water are all part.

Their magical songs can resound through the water. I have often heard this sound underwater while swimming along the coast or even when diving. The humpback whale is a giant creature that can be as large as a bus.

Tour boats will maintain a distance to protect the wild animals and passengers.

Turtle Discovery and Cultural Eco Tour

Take a four-hour glass bottom boat trip through the Great Sandy Strait to explore Round Island and look for marine life. A local aboriginal guide will take you to coral gardens and pristine water and tell you about the area.

If you are interested in snorkeling, there is a way to see the underwater world firsthand. Turtles, dolphins, and lots of anemonefish are all possible. You may also encounter the occasional reef shark. You don’t have to worry about the reef sharks; they won’t harm you and will likely swim away quickly.

Cruise or sailing adventures

Spend an afternoon on the sea or a sunset catamaran. You can choose between a few different options, each with their unique adventures. You should check out the other companies and decide what is best for you.

Visit one of the smaller islands or sip champagne while watching a sunset. If you travel at the right time, you may be able to see a Humpback Whale. You may also see dugongs and dolphins. Bring your camera and capture these precious moments.

Take advantage of this romantic experience in the calm waters.

Visit Fraser Island for a day trip

K’Gari, or Fraser Island, is located just off the Queensland coast and can be reached from Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach. The largest sand island in the world is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and part of Great Sandy National Park.

The barge takes 30 minutes, and more than 300,000 locals and tourists visit Fraser Island every year. There are Day Tours and 2 Day/1 Night Fraser Island Tours. These are a good option since you will need a 4WD to explore the Island.

You can visit the SS Maheno wreck, swim in Champagne Rock Pools or Eli Creek, and enjoy the breathtaking Lake McKenzie. You can see the beautiful dunes from a fixed-winged aircraft, and the Pinnacles Rock Formation will tell you about the history of the Island.

There are two main resorts that you can choose from. The K’Gari Beach Resort, formally Eurong Beach Resort, is located on the East Coast of the Island. You can also choose the Kingfisher Bay Resort, located on the west side of the Island, facing the mainland.

Reef World Aquarium

Reef World was a pleasant surprise. I don’t usually go to marine centers. The Reef World Aquarium came in handy because my last visit had some rain. The aquarium is small but fun for all the family. There is an entry fee.

You are greeted by a giant, transparent glass cylinder aquarium as you enter. You can explore the selection of underwater creatures. The aquarium has been in operation for more than 35 years, and it is home to over 100 different aquatic animals. The green sea turtles are among the many large fish and tropical fish.

This aquarium is an all-natural one, as it uses seawater filtered by sand and sunlight. You may not know that there are very few natural aquariums in the world. Reef World is a fantastic place to visit when you are next in Hervey Bay.

You can feed the Sea Turtles in the outside tanks with lettuce leaves. We spent less than an hour viewing the tanks inside and out. You can leave the tanks and return throughout the day.

The Historical Village and Museum

The Fraser Coast Region is rich in history, which you can enjoy at the Historical Village and Museum. The Historical Village and Museum has 21 buildings with over 12000 items to educate and demonstrate the daily lives of the settlers.

Learn about corn or make ropes. You can either follow the interactive exhibits and experiences or buy a souvenir in the shop. Remember that the museum is only open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Sundays are usually more crowded.

Snorkeling or Diving

Do you want to experience the world in a new way – underwater? The Dive Centre at Urangan Harbour can help you with day tours and certifying as a diver. This dive center is the only one that offers the “swim-with-the-whales” experience. The whales come to the Island every year between July and October. It is a bonus when the number of tourists is limited to provide a more personalized experience.

If you are a certified diver, there are also local wrecks or the HMAS Tobruk, near Bundaberg, to explore. They are also a PADI provider and can teach Divemaster or Open Water.

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