Things to do in Denmark

You’re not in Scandinavia. Instead, you are on the southwest of Australia’s coast, in Denmark, WA. This seaside town is a hidden gem that has some of the most beautiful beaches and forests in the area.

The Danish population is small and unheard of, but most people assume that you are talking about European Denmark. There are many things to do in Denmark, WA. You can snorkel in the crystal-clear water and explore some of Western Australia’s most spectacular beaches. You’ll find forests of Karri trees in the interior, and you are never far from a National Park.

Find out what to do in Denmark and Western Australia.

How To Travel To Denmark WA

Denmark is situated on the southwest coast of Western Australia. Denmark is a great place to stop on a road trip itinerary. If you are traveling from Perth to Albany, you can take this route via Margaret River, the coast, and the state capital.

If you are also traveling between Perth and Esperance, you can stop at Denmark, WA, when you pass through the southern part of the state. If you’re a fan of the outdoors, Denmark, WA, is a great place to spend the day.

The Albany Highway is the fastest way to drive straight down from Perth. It takes about 4 hours. It takes only 30 minutes to go from Denmark to Albany. From Denmark, you can take a popular route along the south coastline to Albany and Esperance. Esperance is located at least five hours to the east.

You can take the daily TransWA from Perth to Denmark. It travels through Bunbury, Pemberton, and other southwest destinations before stopping in Denmark. The same bus continues to Albany.

When to Visit Denmark WA

Denmark is a place with a mild climate, at least in Western Australian terms! The town experiences four distinct seasons throughout the year. This is unlike the northern areas of the state, such as Karijini, which only have two seasons: wet and dry.

Denmark, WA, is never overcrowded, even during peak season. The temperatures are extremely hot between November and March. This is especially true in the middle of summer. Summer temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius during the day.

If you’re traveling to WA during the autumn and winter, you may want to travel further north, such as from Perth up to Exmouth, to avoid the rain and cold in the south. You might think you are in Europe when it is winter in Denmark, WA.

Denmark Visitors Centre

You might want to visit the Denmark Visitors Centre when you arrive in this sleepy town. Denmark Western Australia may not appear to have much to offer at first, but the visitor center will show you that there are plenty of things to do.

At the Denmark Visitors Centre, you can get maps and find out about camping in the area. You can also learn where the best national parks are. The center also provides information on the history of the area and local events.

Boston Brewery

You don’t need to visit the Boston Brewery as your first stop, but you will want to at some stage during your stay. This locally-run brewery can be found along the highway. They have outdoor seating where you can enjoy the sun while you try the different tasting paddles.

You can also enjoy great food at the pub, and you can visit this microbrewery for a first-hand look into how beer is made.

Denmark Dinosaur World

Before you head to one of Denmark WA’s more unusual attractions, it might be a good idea to have a few drinks. Denmark, WA, indeed, has a Dinosaur-themed attraction. But, the town itself is not what you would think of when learning about these prehistoric creatures.

Dinosaurs seem to be a big thing in Denmark, as the town even has its own Dinosaur World. The Dinosaur World is located about 30 minutes away from the center of the city, on Bandit Road. It also has a bird and reptile park.

There are plenty of parrots that chirp and big animatronic dinosaur skeletons.

Denmark Chocolate Company

You can stop by the Denmark Chocolate Company on your way to Dinosaur World to sample some of the chocolatey local creations.

The small factory is open for tours to help you learn more about how chocolate is made and the history of the company. The highlight is the chance to taste the chocolate. With an on-site bar, you can combine the best products from their range with the best wines in the Denmark region.

Ocean Beach

Denmark has many beaches, even though the town is not on the coast. It is built around the beautiful river. Ocean Beach is the closest and most popular beach in the city. It’s located just a few minutes away from the chocolate factory. Take the highway and head to the coast.

Ocean Beach is a beautiful stretch of sand with plenty of space, even during the busier weekend periods. Ocean Beach, despite its name, is not an open ocean. It is a sheltered beach that is popular among locals. The beach is located over a bay and has a narrow passage to the sea on the other side.

The waves are small but consistent, and you can learn the basics without too much worry. You can learn to surf without too much concern because the waves are small and uniform.

Denmark River Park and Berridge Park

Berridge Park is one of the top places to see in Denmark, WA, if you prefer the river.

The Denmark River is a green, verdant river that meanders through this charming riverside town.

Berridge Park is a peaceful oasis that you can enjoy by sitting along the river and enjoying some tasty snacks from Denmark Bakery.

Greens Pool

Greens Pool, a stunning beach in the William Bay National Park, is just a few minutes away from Denmark.

You’ll quickly understand why this is the most popular destination in Denmark. The sandy beach is surrounded by calm swimming areas, protected by coral and rocks. Marine life can be found in the water.

This is a wonderful place to relax on the sand or go swimming.

Elephant Rocks

The Elephant Rocks are located along the coast east of Greens Pool. Elephant Rocks is a granite landscape in the south of WA. It has some of the biggest granite boulders.

The unusual name of these rocks comes from their elephant-shaped shape.

Peaceful Bay

Peaceful Bay is a great place to go if you’ve not seen enough beaches in Denmark, WA. You’ll have to drive along the South Coast Highway for about 40 minutes in order to reach Peaceful Bay.

Along the coast, you’ll see a wide bay. Enjoy the sand and the turquoise water. This is a natural wonder!

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