Things to do in Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain has a natural beauty that is unmatched and an untouched wilderness. There’s more to the area than just “enjoying” the beautiful surroundings. If you’re interested in relaxing at a day spa, exploring nature on horseback for days, enjoying the local produce, or eating out, you should read this article.

Hike, walk, or trek

Cradle Mountain offers a variety of wilderness trails and walking paths. There are a variety of walking trails that can be adapted to any Tasmanian itinerary. The Waterfalls Walk and Enchanted Forest Trail are both accessible from the Cradle Mountain Visitors Centre. They each offer a glimpse of Cradle Mountain’s lush forests and cascading falls in less than an hour. The 6 km Dove Lake Circuit features the iconic Boatshed, as well as a great wildlife view. The 9 km Crater Lake loop provides sweeping views of the region, while the challenging Dove Canyon Track includes rock scrambling and canyoning. The 8-hour Cradle Summit and Hansons Peak Loop, as well as the 80 km, six-day Overland Track, are ideal for those who have more time.

Spot endangered and rare local wildlife

Cradle Mountain, in Tasmania’s northwest corner, is an excellent place to spot Tasmanian wildlife. The most famous Tasmanian Devil can be found at the Devils@ Cradle Centre. Wobbly echidnas and wobbly wombats are other Australian animals that can be seen on a short hike or shuttle ride in Cradle Mountain National Park. They can also be found around Ronny Creek Dov,e Lake, and Wombat Pool. Those who venture deeper into Cradle Mount-Lake St Clair National Park or further into the wilderness may see everything from the elusive platypus to the Wedge-tailed Eagle – Australia’s largest predator bird. You can still see local wildlife from the balcony of Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge. This includes wallabies and pademelons.

Lake St. Clair

Australia’s deepest Lake, although often second to its northern neighbor in the Cradle Mount-Lake St. Clair National Park, can stand on its two feet when it comes to attracting tourists to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. The area around Lake St. Clair is home to some of the most beautiful views of the entire region. Take the ferry around Narcissus Bay or Cynthia Bay if you prefer to see them from the water. Platypus Bay, located on Lake St. Clair, is the perfect place for wildlife enthusiasts to see the elusive wildlife of Tasmania.

Relax – Massage & Spa

Cradle Mountain offers more than just wilderness and scenic views. Enjoy the breathtaking surroundings in the comfort of a relaxing alpine resort. The Retreat Spa at Cradle Mountain Lodge and Waldheim Alpine Spa at Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge allow you to enjoy this experience whether you are a paying guest of the hotel or lodge. Both spas have a variety of full-day packages that include massages, saunas, and treatments. Cradle Mountain Massage (located on Cradle Mountain Road, near Black Bog) specializes in relaxation and recovery massages. Relaxing massages are the perfect way to recover from a Cradle Mountain trek!

Helicopter tours: See the world from above

Cradle Mountain is known for its breathtaking scenery. A scenic helicopter flight above the park is a great way to take in the stunning views. Cradle Mountain Helicopters offer unmatched, unobstructed views of the region’s mountains, forests, and lakes.

Enjoy the breathtaking views from horseback

While we know that climbing hills aren’t for everyone, the best views of Barn Bluff, Black Bluff, and Mount. Cradle Mountain and Roland aren’t just for those who want to hike to the top. Cradle Mountain Adventures offers a 4-hour guided ride to the top Speeler Plain. This is a relaxing and unique way to experience the beautiful wilderness. The trail follows a riding path through the Vale of Belvoir Conservation Area. It passes through myrtle and alpine eucalypt forests on its way to the Speeler Plain viewpoint.

Canyoning is a great way to get outdoors

Cradle Mountain Canyons offer a variety of activities for visitors looking to experience a little adrenaline and excitement during an active holiday. The Lost World Canyon is a great place for a family to learn about canyoning. Other options include abseiling down Dove Canyon or sliding down the 10-metre-high “Laundry Chutes” natural slide. Most tours do not require any previous canyoning knowledge, but a reasonable level of fitness and swimming abilities are required. This is a great day for thrill-seekers and families alike!

Kayak or Canoe across Dove Lake

Dove Lake, located in the Cradle Mountain wilderness area, is often overlooked as visitors rush to the park’s many hiking trails. Paddle out onto the Lake to see the landscapes in a new light. You can choose from a variety of tour options, including shorter trips or longer excursions, exploring more nooks, crannies, and wildlife.

Support local artists

Cradle Mountain’s appeal is not limited to the wild and wildlife. The Wilderness Gallery, located next to the Cradle Mountain Hotel, is the perfect place to see the creative side of Cradle Mountain.

Go Fishing

Cradle Mountain offers a wide range of fly-fishing opportunities and trout fishing, whether you are an expert angler or just looking for a relaxing time out. For experienced fly-fishers, there are a number of renowned spots, including Lake Lea and the Vale River. Talbots Lagoon is also a popular spot. If you’d prefer to be guided by an expert, several companies offer fly-fishing classes up the rivers and fishing tours on Dove Lake. You can practice “Target Fishing” or learn how to do it at the dam of Cradle Mountain Fishery & Camping in Moina. Cradle Mountain’s best trout fishing season is from September to April.

Enjoy the world-famous Tasmanian produce

There are many options, whether you want to sample the best local Tasmanian products along the northwestern Cradle-to-Coast Tasting Trail or wish to enjoy an amazing meal in Cradle Mountain Village.

The greater Cradle Mountain region is home to a wide range of boutique and artisan producers. From olives and truffles to wine and beers, there are many. Tavern Bar & Cafe at Cradle Mountain Lodge or Altitude Restaurant + Bar at Cradle Mountain Hotel are two great options for a filling meal following a Cradle Mountain trek. Hungry Wombat Cafe near Lake St. Clair offers classic, local food that is down-to-earth and honest. The award-winning Highland Restaurant in the Wilderness Lodge and the renowned Hellyers Fine-Dining Restaurant at Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village offer a more elevated dining experience that showcases seasonal local produce.

Enjoy a night of style or nature

The area surrounding the park’s entrance has an impressive range of accommodation. Cradle Mountain Lodge and Cradle Mountain Wildlife Village are both all-in-one holiday experiences that offer restaurants, spas, and activities on-site. You can also choose from cozy lodges or cabins that provide fantastic views of the stars. Lemon Thyme Wilderness Retreat, Cradle Alpine Retreat, and other accommodation options offer a real immersion in nature.

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