Things To Do In Coffs Harbour

When you tell Sydneysiders that you are heading to Coffs Harbour, they often ask, ‘what’s the point?’ Our answer: “to swim under waterfalls and watch turtles from the cliffs above, kayak in emerald water, and relax on wild, unspoiled beaches.”

This list does not even include some spots I thought would be star attractions. (Unfortunately, there were road closings in some of the remoter areas because of recent rains).

We have a variety of indoor activities to keep you entertained on rainy days.

The best things to see and do in Coffs Harbour are listed below. And yes, you’re right; no Big Banana is in sight.

Swim beneath a beautiful waterfall

Scouts Falls in NSW is one of my favorite waterfalls to swim under if you are up for an adventure! The falls cascade down into a deep swimming pool, and the surrounding area feels wild and secluded.

It’s a short walk, only 1.6km, but it is on rough terrain, and the path is not set for most of the journey. After rain, climbing over rocks and along ledges may become slippery. However, with good footwear, it is definitely doable.

If you don’t like the walk, there’s another great swimming hole just a few hundred meters in.

Muttonbird Island is a great place to see wildlife

Muttonbird Island offers stunning views of the sea from the lookout platform, which is perched above the water. It’s the ideal place to watch wildlife. We were amazed to see a giant turtle from the lookout. We stood and watched it for more than 30 minutes!

The stingrays are also frequent visitors, along with dolphins and humpback whales.

We only saw a few Muttonbirds on the island. They roost there between August and April. The marine life was amazing, and we saw so many incredible views of the ocean that it made up for the rare birds.

From the closest car park, the walk to the farthest lookout (where we saw a turtle) is a 2.2km round trip. There are a few steep sections, but the path is paved, and there’s a bench to rest on if needed.

Kayak along the Emerald Creek

You can choose from a number of kayaking tours around Coffs. These include guided tours. However, we decided to hire our kayaks with C Change Adventures.

Matt, the owner of the rental area, dropped us off at the beginning of the route. We then paddled back. If we have the option, we’ll choose a one-way paddle to see more without having to go back. It’s very peaceful, and the scenery is beautiful.

It’s easy and relaxing, and no experience is required. You will start in the mangroves, where the water is darker, before reaching the beautiful emerald waters that are clear enough to see stingrays and many fish.

You can take a dip at a small beach that is located about halfway. The entire route is about 4km long and takes between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete at a leisurely pace.

We paid $60 per double kayak and were allowed to extend the time by 30 minutes at no additional charge. It was so much more enjoyable to be able to take our time and not have to rush back in order to avoid paying an additional hour fee.

Look At Me Now Headland: Meet the locals

Kangaroos in Look At Me Now Headland are known for their dangerous lifestyle. You’ll find them often hanging out on the edge of cliffs.

The roos are not afraid of humans, and so they will continue to lounge around as if no one is there. (Of course, don’t feed or touch them! ).

The 1.6km walk around this headland offers spectacular views of the ocean and two beaches, including Moonee Beach, one of Coffs’ best. It’s a very easy walk, with only a few short sections of uphill. If you want to take a dip, you can make a quick detour down to Moonee Beach or Shelly Beach.

You shouldn’t have a problem finding them. They were everywhere on the track and in the gardens.

Park at Signal Street or Dammerel Crescent.

Sealy Lookout offers a stunning view

The Forest Sky Pier, located at Sealy Lookout, offers a breathtaking view of Coffs and the Solitary Islands Marine Park. It also provides a great view of the beaches, distant mountains, and various beaches. You can also enjoy the birds-eye view of an abundance of giant ferns.

The sunset was perfect for soft, warm light. Although evening is in the opposite direction, if you catch a good one, it will creep around. The gates didn’t open on time at sunrise (the sign stated that it was open from 8 a.m. until dusk).

Parking is available right next to the lookout, making it a great activity for the end of the day when you do not want to exert much energy. The scenic drive up the mountain takes 20 minutes from Coffs and passes banana plantations and dense forests.

Discover where the rainforest meets a beach

Bongil Bongil National Park was our first stop because of its large population of wild koalas. While we were not able to spot one, it was a great way to discover one of the most beautiful beaches in NSW.

The Bundagaree Walk takes you through the rainforest before returning to the spectacular Bongil Beach. It’s a very simple walk, and it is easy to navigate along the sand because of its compactness.

It is a pleasure to walk along the 7km of pure sand. It’s even more amazing that there was only one other person at the beach during the school holidays.

Two Tails Winery offers wine and dining

Two Tails Wine, a boutique winery owned by a local family in the beautiful Orana Valley, is just 20 minutes from Coffs. The restaurant is known for its lovely balcony that overlooks the vines.

We were unable to get in on the day of our visit, but we managed to squeeze into a wine tasting. There are also a variety of wines that are a little more unique, such as blueberry, chocolate chili, and ginger, in addition to the standard reds and whites.

You can select four wines to taste for $10 each. I chose a rose, a red and a ginger wine because I had never tried it before. The ginger wine was ok, but I wouldn’t order a full glass. That’s why I was glad to include it in the tasting.

It’s possible that we were there on Easter Sunday when it was extremely busy. The menu looked amazing, so I would recommend getting in the restaurant if you can.

The Botanic Garden is a beautiful place to stroll

The North Coast Regional Botanic Garden is located in Coffs and has several kilometers of well-maintained walking paths. The garden has many indigenous trees and plants, as well as many from other countries.

We visited in the autumn so that spring may look very different!

You might spot a Koala on the Creek Walk. Don’t forget to take a stroll along the Paperbark Boardwalk, which is absolutely stunning. We walked through it several times and would have been happy to visit the garden just for that!

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