I love Mexico City. It’s vibrant, busy, and diverse and has excellent museums and eateries.

There’s a lot to do in the city. It takes longer for you to cut away these layers to discover the city’s core. We offer week-long excursions to the city, and this only gives you a broad view of the city!

There is plenty to do and see. I would always recommend that visitors new to the city do a walk (or three) on their visit. Nightlife, food, history, and markets -many kinds of tours will help you get acquainted with the city through the guidance of a knowledgeable local guide.

While these may be among the top tours available for free or paid in the city, Mexico City has plenty more to offer, regardless of your preferences. These are the seven other informative and informative tours:

Food Tour of Polanco

The chic neighborhood of Polanco is a fantastic place to eat. It has the best street food to more sophisticated and innovative versions of Mexico City staples. The three-hour tour of food is an excellent introduction to the area. Between eating tacos, eating Oaxacan dishes, and savoring tortilla soups, guests will learn about the region’s past and traditions with the local guide. This tour does an excellent job of offering a wide variety of food options.

Mexico City at Night

Its Mexico City at Night tour includes two hours of walking through the streets of the old city and looking at the illuminated architecture as you learn about the region’s rich history and cultural heritage. Some of the most well-known sitet you’ll visit in the evening include the Zocalo, the city’s largest church, Templo Mayor, and the Torre Latinoamericano, a 44-floor high-risresemblinges a Mexico City version of the Empire State Building. It’s a fantastic way to experience the food scene at night in Mexico City.

Volcano Hiking Tours

If you want to get away from the city for a day, consider booking a day excursion to hike up a mountain. The shuttle will take you up to La Joya, where you’ll walk the trails and learn about the fauna and flora of the area along the way. It’s also possible to see the famous Paso de Cortes, the place in which Spanish Explorer Hernan Cortes, along with his troops, traversed while heading towards Tenochtitlan, the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, in 1519. Tours run for 11-12 hours.

Lucha Libre Tour

Lucha Libre is the term for professional wrestling in Latin America, and on this tour, you’ll discover the basics of this renowned sport. The four-hour tour begins with a walk lasting 2 hours in which your guide will explain the lucha libre tradition. Following that, you’ll get some time in a real Lucha libre match. The match will allow you to sip tequila and snack on chips and Guacamole. You’ll also leave with a Lucha libre mask. It’s one of my top experiences when I’m in Paris.

Poray Street Art Bike Tour

The three-hour tour guides visitors to areas that aren’t on town’s radar, where you can marvel at the city’s most impressive street art. Learn about the background of the street art scene, the significance of the politics behind most of the artwork, and discover hidden areas you may not have the chance to visit. This tour also features genuine street food stops, so you can eat while on the route. Street art is a big thing in this area and is the most effective way to take in much of it.

A sprawling, massive city, Mexico City is an amazing tourist destination, but it’s one of the hottest destinations around the globe. Tourism here is growing in leaps and bounds.

By taking a tour, you will gain insider knowledge and give an insider’s view of the people and culture of the town in a manner that is impossible to achieve if you wander around by yourself.

These are among the best walking tours available in the city. If you want to find more, look into the marketplace on the internet called Find Your Guide, where you can search for and book tours run by local operators.

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