Lisbon has been one of my top cities around the globe. It is home to fascinating historical buildings, museums, beautiful plazas, quaint cafés, and a vibrant nightlife scene with candle-lit music venues where people gather to listen to fado-style music from the past. I was enthralled by the city immediately after I arrived. And it was more enjoyable after my second visit!

Presently, Lisbon is one of the most visited cities in the world. From cruisers and digital travelers, everyone is awed by this city. I’ve been there several times and am always looking for a return trip. The warm, sunny weather, inviting colors, and relaxed vibe genuinely make you feel welcome.

The most effective way to explore the city (especially in the case the first time you’ve been there) is to go on an excursion on foot. It’s my first thing to do whenever I go to any new city because it’s the most effective way to get in touch with a local guide, gather information from the inside, and see the most famous landmarks.

Nowadays, there are numerous walking tours to help you enjoy your trip. Here’s a list of my favorites, ranging from free tours to bar crawls to food tours to help you navigate everything so that you get the most enjoyment!

Here are some more walking tours to ensure you get more of Lisbon:


Devour began in Spain and soon began offering tour tours around Lisbon. They provide the food and Fado tour that blends two of the cultural points of Lisbon at one time. I like the Tastes and Traditions food tour, which takes you to seven small establishments in Lisbon with the possibility of eating up to nine dishes while drinking three distinct types of drinks. Devour is among the most reputable food tour operators operating in Europe, and their Lisbon tours are no exception.

Inside Lisbon

The tour operator offers many tours, but the Best of Lisbon introductory tour is ideal for new Lisbon tourists and budget-conscious tourists. The three-hour tour departs at 9:30 am and takes you through Lisbon’s most popular neighborhoods stopping for a glass of wine and eating the famous dessert, pastel de nata (an egg custard tart). The group tours are capped at 14 participants.

City Guru Street Art Tour

Street art has taken over the world’s major cities and includes Lisbon. During this three-hour excursion, you’ll see some of Lisbon’s greatest works and discover the political and social motives behind the art. Tours are accompanied by an artist from the local area, which means you’ll have an insider’s view of the street art scene and also see murals that most tours don’t.

Pancho Tours

Pancho organizes tours all across Pancho offers tours all over the Iberian Peninsula, using local guides. They also design routes focused on street art, food, and wine and day excursions to destinations like Sintra. I enjoy their Fado tour. On this 2.5-hour excursion, visitors will discover all you can about this melancholic music style native to Portugal. You’ll have a prime seat for a fado performance in the middle of Lisbon towards the end.

We Hate Tourism Tours

Overtourism is a problem for numerous cities, especially in Europe, where crowds of tourists move from one tourist attraction from one place to another. This is the reason for We Hate Tourism Tours: The 3.5-hour stroll takes the participant to hidden neighborhoods that reveal how the residents of Lisbon live. There are just about six people on each tour, making it small. Also, reserving your tour in advance is important, as they are popular and sell out fast. I am amazed by how they take people away from the tourist areas and give you a unique view of Lisbon life. I cannot recommend it enough.

Discover Lisbon Pub Crawl

Lisbon is a thriving nightlife that is currently very popular, and should you be seeking a way to enjoy it all while meeting travelers, the traditional pub crawl is a great method to explore. This tour will take you to three locations offering a free shot at the beginning and the third stop. Additionally, there’s a one-hour time to drink all-you-can-drink sangria. This is a fantastic alternative for travelers looking to connect with other travelers. It’s not a “local” thing, but it’s entertaining!

Lisbon offers walking tours catering to every budget and interest, which is one of the many reasons I love Lisbon. Every time I go to Lisbon, I go on a tour since the city has plenty to do and see, and the guides from locals provide a lot of value for my visit. These tours let you better understand the city and ask locals questions regarding the best places you can go, what you need best to accomplish, and the best way to conduct yourself. You should attend at the very least at least one tour when you’re in the city.

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