Road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide

The road trip between Melbourne and Adelaide is one of the best coastal drives in the world. As you cruise along the Princes Highway in Victoria and South Australia, you will pass soaring cliffs and immaculate, unspoiled beaches. You’ll also see beautiful national and state parks and charming small towns.

The 1150 km journey from Melbourne to Adelaide requires 14 hours of nonstop driving. The road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide includes stops at Great Otway National Park and the Twelve Apostles.

The destinations listed here are just a small part of all the wonderful places and attractions that you can see on this amazing journey. Please read on to the end to discover where you can go next, as well as some great places to stay.

How long does it take to drive from Adelaide to Melbourne

Melbourne to Adelaide will take you about 14 hours, covering 1,150 km along the coast. This is without any detours inland.

We recommend that you take at least five days to enjoy this beautiful road trip and visit a few beaches along the way.

The best road trip route between Melbourne and Adelaide

You could leave Melbourne for Adelaide at breakfast and arrive just in time to make a dinner booking if you drove nonstop. It is not worth it unless you need to be there immediately.

It’s better to spread out the journey over several days. There are so many tourist attractions, landmarks, and sites to see. You will have plenty of time to enjoy a few.

Thalassophiles are sure to enjoy the road trip that takes you along hundreds of kilometers of stunning coastline. You can also explore other rivers, creeks, and waterways. It’s best to bring your jet skis and paddleboards as well as your surfboards.

The Princes Highway, which is almost entirely bituminous, is an easy road to drive. There are also plenty of toilets along the route, as well as petrol stations and a variety of food options.

How to drive between Melbourne and Adelaide

Our map shows the best routes to take between Melbourne and Adelaide. Continue reading to learn more about the streets, the places to stay, and what to do along the way.

Route from Melbourne to Adelaide for a road trip

Torquay is one of the first places you will visit after leaving Melbourne. It’s the official beginning and ending of┬áthe Great Ocean Road Drive. This surfing destination, also known as Quicksilver’s birthplace, has a worldwide reputation for being a great place to surf.

Follow the B100 coastwards from Torquay. This section of the route has many places to stop, including Great Otway National Park. It’s home to a historic lighthouse dating back to 1848, which showcases some of Australia’s dramatic coastline.

Also, the Twelve Apostles is a must. Gibson Steps is a great place to get a close-up photo of the Twelve Apostles.

Warrnambool, further along the Great Ocean Road, offers spectacular views of the coastline and is a popular spot for whale-watching. The road then changes to A1, and you can travel all the way down to Adelaide if needed.

If you’re not interested in the Grampians National Park, it is worth the trip to go inland. This area is a wonderful place for hiking. It offers sweeping views, including steep valleys, sandstone mountain ranges, lush forests, and beautiful flowers.

You can stretch your legs in Port Fairy before heading to Nelson. You can take a canoe tour or a boat trip to see the limestone cliffs along the Lower Glenelg River.

Mount Gambier is a great base to explore Blue Lake, which has been appropriately named and offers fishing, jet skiing, or kayaking.

The Umpherston Sinkhole is also a beautiful place, with a landscape garden that has been created where possums play in the evenings.

After passing the charming beachside town of Robe, you’ll stroll along the second-longest jetty in South Australia.

The Coorong National Park is an amazing place to visit, as well as the breathtaking coastline of Cape Jaffa.

Visit Murray Bridge. It is a great place to see the stars thanks to its clear skies and almost no pollution or rain clouds, and a crystal-clear sky.

From here, you can continue straight on the M1 into Adelaide, passing through Hahndorf – Australia’s oldest German settlement.

On the last stretch, wine lovers can visit McLaren Vale to sample some of the best local wines and products. You can also stop at another of South Australia’s beautiful beaches to relax before reaching the city.

The best places to stop on the way from Melbourne to Adelaide

There are many places to choose from between Melbourne and Adelaide if you want to include a few overnight stays in your itinerary.

It’s up to you whether you choose to stop in a coastal town, a rural village, or an inland city. Here are a few of our favorite destinations:

Discover the charms of Mt Gambier

Mt Gambier, located roughly halfway through your trip, is a good option for an overnight stay.

It is the second-largest city in South Australia. It’s best known for its stunning landscape of volcanic stone and its crater lakes that change color from blue to a beautiful shade of green as the seasons shift.

The Mount Gambier Hotel is one of the best options for accommodation in the area. The hotel is located in an 1862-period building that features a vibrant gastropub and a hotel on the upper floor.

This hotel, located near the city center, is renowned for its friendly staff and attention to detail.

The rooms are equipped with both heating and air conditioning so that you can enjoy a comfortable temperature at any time of year.

The pub is an excellent place to meet the locals. Many of them come regularly to eat delicious food that features local products and enjoy craft beer or local wine.

Murray Bridge is a great place to see the Cosmos

Murray Bridge is located along the tranquil Murray River and offers picturesque landscapes, a calm atmosphere, and a perfect stopover during a road trip.

There are many historical attractions in the town, including the Round House, Sturt Reserve, and its iconic bridges. These provide a glimpse into local culture.

It is also the gateway to the picturesque Murraylands region. Road-trippers can enjoy the natural beauty of the area and its diverse wildlife.

If you want to see the stars in Murray Bridge, the Bridgeport Hotel offers a wonderful base. The beautifully decorated rooms will make your stay at the Bridgeport Hotel as relaxing as possible.

The Riverglen Marina is just a short distance away and offers many opportunities for fishing and kayaking. The hotel has a great swimming pool for cooling off and a nice restaurant with hearty, delicious food.

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