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Short Walks in the NT

Many walks in the Northern Territory can be done within a day and still leave you with lasting memories.

The Red Centre

The walking trails at Uluru and Kata-Tjuta in the Red Centre will take you to landscapes and historical lessons like no other. The desert’s haunting solitude reveals secrets about an ancient culture and showcases incredible color palettes. It also protects some unique flora & fauna.

Uluru Base Walks

Expect the unexpected… Uluru’s base walk, which is about 10km long, has a surprising diversity.

First, you will walk the Mala Walk to Kantju Gorge. Red walls surround this peaceful stop, and it is the perfect place to take a break before the long stretch of the open walk.

You can appreciate the vastness of Uluru from afar by hiking across grassy claypans. The spectacular North East Face is the side of the walk seen from Yulara or the Field of Light.

A short walk to Mutitjulu Waterhole from Kuniya is a green oasis in the desert. If you are lucky enough to be there after rain, you will hear the sounds of a waterfall, along with the chorus of birds attracted to the waterhole.

Lungkata Walk is the most exciting way to complete this circuit. The track is close enough that you can feel and touch the textures of Uluru in this geologically and visually impressive section.

Many retreats to the viewing areas at dawn and dusk, making it a surprisingly quiet base walk. You may have seen The Rock at sunrise or sunset from afar, but this is your chance to get a close-up view of it as the day ends.

Valley of the Winds, Kata Tjuta

The Valley of the Winds Walk will take you through the domes to the heart of Kata Tjuta. This 3- to 4-hour walk is an excellent way to begin the day.

Karu is the first lookout and will leave you speechless with its jaw-dropping views of these deep red domes. It’s a landscape that will make you think of Mars.

The next section of the walk will be more difficult, with many steps and steeper sections. However, the views at Karingana Lookout make it all worthwhile.

Walpa Canyon Walk, domes of Kata Tjuta, is a short walk that leads to a sanctuary for rare plants and animals. The entrance to the gorge is decorated with pink daisies in late winter.

Stop and smell the Flowers at Kata Tjuta.

Kings Canyon Rim Walk

This iconic landscape offers six kilometers of breathtaking views and a hidden Garden of Eden. You will wonder how Mother Nature could get any better.

The “Lost City,” a collection of sandstone spires, is a fascinating place to explore. After that, you can descend to the “Garden of Eden,” located on the canyon’s floor.

As you finish the walk, after recharging in the cool garden, climb up to the edge for some breathtaking vantage points.

The Top End

Top End wetlands, savannah, and the surrounding country are lush green.

Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National Park, with their towering cliffs and rocky escarpments, cascading falls, and tranquil billabongs, are home to an array of birds, including the jabiru-stork. The waterways also provide a haven for the infamous Saltwater Crocodile. This part of The Territory is full of adventure!

Kakadu National Park

The gallery of this ancient Australian landscape hosts an exhibition that features almost as old Aboriginal artworks.

You will need a minimum of a couple of days to explore all that Kakadu offers. The trails range from 30 minutes up to an entire day.

The Jim Jim Plunge Pool Walk takes you through a lush monsoon rainforest and over boulders to a natural pool surrounded by 150m-high cliffs. You can also explore the amazing Nanguluwurr Rock Art Site before ending the day at Ubirr or Nawurlandja Lookout, where you can enjoy the sunset while gazing over Anbangbang Billabong, Burrungkuy (Nourlangie Rock) and the Arnhem Land Escarp.

Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park is a lesser-known but equally beautiful park located just a short distance from Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory.

This park offers many walking trails to explore its monsoon forest, creeks, waterholes, and waterfalls.

Enjoy the stunning views of the Florence Falls Walk and cool off with a swim in the Buley Rockhole, a favorite spot for locals from the Top End.

You can walk between figs, weeping paperbarks, and Carpentaria palms while spotting geckos and frogs from Greenant Creek to the Tjaetaba Falls plunge pool. Or, you can see the stunning Tolmer Fall cascade down two steep escarpments and into a deep pool.

Nitmiluk National Park

Nitmiluk National Park has over 100km of hiking trails, which range from 40 minutes up to a whole day.

Visit the Katherine Gorge and its surrounding escarpment to the south. Or, experience the western end with the Baruwei Lookout & Loop Walks.

The Leliyn trail is a great way to see the Edith Falls Plunge Pools. After a long walk, the cool water will refresh you.

Highlights of an overnight walk

Take a closer look at the NT!

Set up a swag, and then lie down to enjoy the view of a million stars in an ancient landscape.

You can also scramble over boulders, peer out over escarpments, and trek through red gorges.

Northern Territory offers a variety of spectacular treks, from an overnighter along the Giles Track to a long walk on the Jatbula trail up to the Larapinta Track, which is the pinnacle for trekking in the Northern Territory.

Giles Track, Kings Canyon

The reddish-brown landscape is dotted with dusty spinifex greens and a clear, electric blue sky. Imagine walking through this scene, which includes beautiful valleys with beehive-shaped sandstone structures and rocky watercourses.

You can walk the 22km in two days between Kings Canyon, California, and Kathleen Springs, Washington. However, it’s recommended that you finish the walk at Kings Canyon late in the afternoon to enjoy the stunning views of the sandstone spires and sunsets on the canyon walls.

Tabletop Track Litchfield

This 39km stretch of typical Top End landscape is characterized by periods of burnt-out arid terrain punctuated with pockets of lush greenery fed by waterfalls.

If you are looking for a challenging hike, be sure to “cool your heels” and dip your toes in the waterholes that you will encounter on this 3-5-day walk. You will appreciate the shade and coolness after a section of dry, hot walking.

This track rewards hikers with beautiful waterways, scenic creeks, and Savannah woodlands. The last part of this trail ends at the Florence and Wangi Falls.

Jatbula Trail, Nitmiluk

The Jawoyn People used an ancient Dreaming Trail.

This 62km mostly unmarked route, which starts at Nitmiluk Gorge and ends at Edith Falls, takes six days to complete.

Prepare yourself for breathtaking views, including the Katherine Gorge, Seventeen Mile Valley, and the Seventeen Mile Valley. The Australian bush landscape changes every kilometer.

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