The idea of backpacking Europe is one of my most favorite activities as a seasoned traveler. There’s not a single year that in which I don’t cross Europe (except 2020 when there was no one was traveling across Europe).

In the summer, hostels swell with energy, and the Mediterranean shimmers; the streets are filled with people savoring wine while enjoying the sun’s rays and the late sunsets to a long, beautiful day. Winter brings Christmas markets, skiing with fewer crowds, and less high prices! Then, Spring and Fall provide the perfect mix of temperatures, people, and prices. They are two seasons my top choices to travel in Europe.

Since launching the website in 2008, I’ve published many blog posts about Europe. I’ve been to Europe several times per year, and have traveled, stayed in Europe on numerous occasions, and even led tours in Europe.

With all the content on this blog, it would be nice to make a resource page to help you plan your trip as a backpacker to Europe without difficulty so that you don’t lose any information! In this article, you’ll find my most useful resources to plan your backpacking trip or budget trip to Europe and beyond, such as travel guides, destination guides, accommodations, tips on connecting with people, and much more!

Without further ado, this is everything you’ll need to know about backpacking in Europe:

Plan Your Backpacking Europe Trip

How to Avoid Feeling overwhelmed when planning The ideal European vacation can be overwhelming and difficult. I’ve been there, and I know from my many years of experience that the longer you think about your travel plans, the more stress you’ll be dealing with.

What to save For Your Trip – Is your budget preventing you from taking the vacation of your dreams? Here are 22 ways to reduce your daily expenses to travel to Europe.

What to Look for in a Low-Cost Flight Travelling to Europe is only one of the biggest challenges. There are, however, a lot of cheap flights to Europe right now If you can know where to find these. This article will help you understand how to get low-cost plane tickets to Europe.

How to earn points for free Hotels and flights Traveling for free is my absolute favorite type of travel! This article outlines eight strategies I employ to earn over one million frequent flier points. These strategies will allow you to get from your house quicker and at a comfortable pace!

The best method to (Legally) stay in Europe for longer than 90 Days Every year, many travelers wonder how they can remain in Europe for longer than 90 days, as is the minimum within the Schengen Zone. There is good news that there are different options for staying. In this article, I will explain what you can do to remain legally longer than 90 days and around the world generally.

How to avoid paying ATM FeesIt is not necessary to pay bank charges while using your funds in Europe! Here’s my suggestion to help you avoid paying bank fees when traveling through Europe.

Is Europe safe to visit? – Here is how to ensure you stay secure while traveling across Europe.

Get Your Gear for Backpacking Europe

How to Select the best backpack It’s essential to select a good backpack to take on your trip, as it’s bound to be beaten by the time you travel! This guide on choosing the best backpack for travel will assist you in determining the right backpack for your travels.

What Should You Bring for Your Trip What should you bring for your trip? There isn’t a single right answer; however, this list should provide you with a great place to begin. I carry this on my travels with me (though you’ll have to create certain seasonal changes, I’m certain! ).

The Ultimate packing list for female travelers In this article, Kristin Addis shares her tips for packing women’s bags to help you travel almost anywhere without spending a lot on travel gear.

How to Purchase Quality Travel Insurance – Travel insurance is among the most important items you’ll require for your travels. You wouldn’t own an automobile or a home without insurance, and it’s impossible to take a trip without insurance!

The best travel Cameras Are you unsure of the type of camera to buy for your travels? This article will help you understand precisely what you require, whatever the budget!

How to Get Amazing Accommodation in Europe

Where to find Affordable accommodation If you’re seeking a place to stay other than the typical hostel or hotel, This article will list the various types of accommodation you can rest on your feet in Europe, including couches to farms, even monasteries!

Where to find a Good Hostel This article provides my top tips for finding an inexpensive, clean, and comfortable hostel where you can get to know many amazing people.

The Top Hostels across Europe This is an extensive list of European hostels I would certainly use again when I get the chance. We hope this can help you with the next European backpacking trip!

How to become the House Sitter This is a step-by-step guide to house-sitting, an amazing opportunity to live in a place for with no cost in exchange for watching someone else’s home.

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