One of the most significant barriers to entry to travel is the cost of airfare. It’s costly, especially after COVID’s post-COVID boom.

For anyone who has spent many long hours looking for flights finding the cheapest is a complex and time-consuming process. In contrast to other travel expenses (say, admission fees to museums or the cost of walking tours), flight Tickets do not have a fixed price. Tickets are instead volatile and in flux. It isn’t possible to expect a continuous trip to NYC from NYC to Tokyo to cost the same (though it would be nice! ).

If you can discover a bargain, it is easy to be caught in a state of confusion, wondering whether you really should make the booking or if you can get a better deal (this is what was a frequent occurrence for me when I first began traveling).

However, this volatility in price can be leveraged to the advantage of a traveler when they have the appropriate tools.

This is the reason why Going is available. It’s a tool that’s designed to assist you in finding cheap flights.

Formerly named Scott’s Cheap Flights, Going is a member-based website and newsletter that provides flights at discounted prices to more than 9000 destinations across the globe. Most deals are between 40 and 70 discount from normal prices, which means that members can save on average USD 550 for flights to destinations around the world. (first-class passengers get USD 2,000 savings on average).

That’s a lot of savings

The journey began in 2013 when Scott Keyes found an unbelievable bargain from NYC to Milan at just USD 130 round trip. He booked the flight immediately, went to Italy, and enjoyed the best, most amazing time of his life.

When he returned to his family and friends, they kept asking how he came across this great price. Therefore, he began to email his acquaintances daily with the bargains he discovered in 2015. Scott’s Cheap Flights was created.

Many years and with more than two million customers after that, Scott’s Cheap Flights rebranded as Going. The same company, but with a new name. Going is encouraging its customers to use a reverse-booking method to travel. This entails selecting your travel destination and dates according to the deals on flights that are offered instead of selecting the date and time you’d like to go and then searching for bargains. This might seem odd initially. However, it’s a way to ensure you can score incredible savings when you’re willing to be flexible.

I’ve been friends with Scott for many years and love his work for the company. I think he’s made one of the top methods to find low-cost flights. But don’t simply believe me. You should know everything about Go to determine if it’s a good fit for you!

How Going Works

At its heart, Going is a membership website, which means you need to join some kind of membership plan to take advantage of the deals (one option is completely free, and all plans are free trials).

After having signed up, it’s a very simple task to create your account. You will also be able to receive deals that will be delivered to your inbox.

Three levels of membership include Premium, Limited, and Elite. While Limited is completely free, you can take advantage of a 14-day trial of Premium and Elite before registering.

A few deals are available on tickets in economy class for international travel. 1-2 days after they are discovered

Five US departing airports (but you won’t be able to restrict flights to any other manner)

Notification immediately of both domestic and international economy-class contracts

Alerts on rare mispriced airfares from your home airport (when airlines price an airfare incorrectly)

Alerts for Weekend Getaway (for flights that depart within the month)

Ability to filter the types of notifications you receive

It is possible to follow as many as 10 US airports

If you’re seeking a sporadic airfare deal, the odds are that the Limited plan is enough for you. However, if you plan to travel a lot and would like to save money, Premium is the best option. It offers a lot more benefits and provides a great deal of value. If you’re interested in special deals when booking using points, you’ll have to join the Elite plan since it’s the only one that offers the award-based flight deal.

After choosing the plan you want to sign up for and signing up, you’ll have to register at the airport that you are at home and any other airports you’re likely to fly to to get the best price.

The Deals You Can’t-Miss

It could be a bit unexpected to learn, but most deals Going offers are discovered through Their (human) Airline Experts, who employ the same standards to determine what makes the perfect “deal.”

This means they won’t offer you every low-cost flight. Instead, they curate the best discounts. They won’t offer flights with long layovers or a long overnight stay, and they won’t offer budget-friendly discounts on airlines.

Instead, Go deals are single-stop or nonstop flights on full-service carriers with flexible layovers. They also make sure the deal includes at least ten distinct departure dates, meaning you’ll never find one that demands to fly on a particular day. They make sure to pick good travel options that I find very appealing.

Each deal will get a breakdown of the deal, along with details about the destination and flight, and sometimes, a brief description of the deal, with tips for you and details from the flight Expert who has found the bargain:

If you find a deal that you are interested in the best deal, all you have to do is to make a reservation. Just click”book” on the “book” button on Going, which will lead you to the website for booking. Most often, it’s Google Flights, but sometimes it could be Skyscanner and similar sites.

You can observe the moment you click; Going has already set all the filters to ensure they can ensure that the offer it discovered is displayed:

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