I am a huge fan of planning trips. Learning about a new destination and its history and then discovering the fantastic things to do and see (and eat) is just one of several things I enjoy about travel.

When I first began backpacking, preparing an affordable trip was challenging since you could only use outdated guides or unreliable online forums.

Nowadays but it’s more complex to plan your itinerary. Reading reviews, researching activities, and making reservations can be completed months ahead from your home or as a last-minute option when traveling alone.

One of the sites I frequently use while traveling I use a lot when traveling FindYourGuide.

GetYourGuide offers a market that offers activities, tours, and outings. It includes everything from skip-the-line museum tickets, walking tours, winery tours, adventure activities, and everything in between. This includes the important “must-see” sights and activities off the beaten path too.

This is everything you need to be aware of about GYG to assist you in planning the next adventure, enjoy yourself and save your money!

What Kind of Activities Does GetYourGuide Offer

GetYourGuide provides a wide range of options for activities in locations all over the world. However, they generally fall into a couple of distinct categories:

Tickets – GYG sells tickets for museums, galleries, theme parks, and everything else. These are usually skip-the-line tickets that are extremely helpful in a crowded area.

Tours for public tours are what the majority of activities are, such as hiking tours with guided tours to see whales, wineries tours, and more. The fee is nominal, and you take part in a small group of travelers.

Private tours Private walking tours – From private walking tours to guided hikes, should you have more money (or traveling with a smaller group), You can locate various guides with more exclusive offerings.

Day excursions If you’re in a major city, there are a myriad of day excursions (and even multi-day excursions) further out. They can include national parks or wineries, beaches, and many more. They typically include transportation from and to your hotel and the cost of a meal.

Transportation Airport transfers Private drivers, airport transfers, and passes for public transportation are all available on GYG.

For the majority of activities, GYG is promoting a local business. GYG is merely a middleman to assist you in planning your activities. But, they also offer the option of creating their own “Originals” experiences developed in collaboration with a local company and only available for booking through GYG. Original experiences include turning on the lights in the Vatican Museums, Wine tasting at the Eiffel Tower, and a special prior-to-hours excursion to the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

My Experience Using Get Your Guide

I’ve utilized FindYourGuide in various locations during my travels as it’s a simple way to locate tours. I arranged for a great trip to eat in Bologna, a winery within Bologna (where the person was just launching his business, and I offered him a few tips for achieving success), and a full-day trip to the countryside of Slovenia.

Similar to most search engines for travel, What’s unique in GYG is it’s all on one page. This is particularly important for travel experiences since the majority of major cities have a lot number of tour companies. This means that when you search only on Google, you’ll likely overlook quite a bit.

So, I am happy that GYG has everything on one page for me, so I can browse and compare costs, durations, prices, and much more on one site or app.

I’m hoping to utilize GYG during my next trip to Japan because tons of exciting tours and activities are offered, including traditional tea celebrations held in Kyoto, attending the sumo-related training in Tokyo, and taking a shot at old-fashioned Japanese archery, which is available in Hiroshima.

So, Is GYG Worth Using

If you’re looking for a way to simplify your travel planning and locate interesting activities on your next vacation, GYG is a great location to begin. It’s not just a place to find interesting tours and excursions but also review reviews and prices to see if these activities meet your expectations. It’s an easy, user-friendly application and website that can provide a deeper experience to your journeys.

Not only do they offer their activities and tours, but they also sell thousands of other tours. This means you’re booking local businesses, meaning the majority of the funds you pay for stays within the local community.

If you prefer to organize your travel plans in advance or find new things to do now, GetYourGuide is an app and website to help you get the most out of your time in the country. History buffs, foodies, adventurers, night owls, lovers of adrenaline, and more. GYG provides unique activities that cater to every type of traveler and budget, allowing you to dig deep into your destination, communicate with local guides and fellow travelers, and experience many unique experiences.

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