Best Travel Movies of All Time

I think these are the best travel films ever made. These films are so good that you can watch them over and over without getting bored. Prepare to be inspired.

When I realized that all of my favorite films were about crazy travel adventures, I began to have a travel addiction. I have been traveling for over nine years and don’t plan to stop any time soon.

After watching one of these movies, I immediately felt the urge to pack my bags and travel the world. These great travel films have inspired me to travel more over the years.

If you want some inspiration that will push you to embark on your backpacking trip, then sit down with a bowl of popcorn, a bottle of wine, and a friend and enjoy a few of these great films.

You should always get up and go out to see the world, as no matter how great the movies are, nothing can replace the amazing experiences that come with actual travel.

The Motorcycle Diaries

The Motorcycle Diaries is one of my favorite movies of all time. The true story of two medical students embarking on a five-month motorcycle trip across South America in order to use their medical training to volunteer for a remote leper colony along the Amazon River.

It is based on the journals of Latin American revolutionist Che Guevara and highlights the adventure, freedom, and personal discovery of travel. This is a beautiful film about one of history’s most influential figures, whether his influence was positive.

Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty tells the story of Walter (played by Ben Stiller), an introverted, awkward, and anonymous photo editor at LIFE Magazine whose real life is pretty boring. However, Walter has a very active imagination. When his job is threatened, he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.

The journey takes him from Iceland to Afghanistan, where he faces new challenges and risks. The combination of stunning visuals, a beautiful score, and humor adds to the cake. This is the perfect movie for those who are looking for more in life.

A Map For Saturday

A Map For Saturday is a travel documentary that follows one man as he quits his cushy job with HBO to travel around the world for a year and live out of his backpack. It shows the different ways people travel and gives an accurate picture of what it is like to vagabond around the world long term.

The movie allows you to see the highs and lows of his journey on a personal level. The film shows you how it is to experience something like that. The film also shows that anyone who wants to travel on a budget. You are the only one who can stop you.

180 Degrees South

180 Degrees South is a documentary that follows the adventure of a group of friends as they travel to Patagonia in the spirit of their heroes. They pack their surfboards and climbing gear as they sail and drive along the South American coast, learning about the losing battle against industrialization and the destruction of the natural world.

The film shows how modern commercial interests, fed by our growing consumption of disposable products, are ruining the planet. It also shows what brave people do to stop this. Beautiful scenery and a fantastic soundtrack combine with a strong story and a travel adventure to make a work of art.

Que Tan Lejos

Que Tan Lejos (How Much Further) is set in Ecuador, as Esperanza and Tristeza try to get from the capital city of Quito to the town of Cuenca. It is normally a 5-hour bus ride. The two women decide to hitchhike when local strikes force their bus to stop. One girl is a local trying to stop the love of her life from getting married, while the other is a tourist from Spain.

They learn from one another and meet interesting people along the Way who help them to re-evaluate their purpose for traveling. The film features beautiful scenery of Ecuador and is an authentic depiction of life there.

The Way

The Way is a beautiful and inspiring tale about a father walking Spain’s Camino de Santiago trail to honor his recently dead son. The experience is an eye-opening and emotional one for him, as he’s forced to make friends with strangers and examine his life during the 800km journey.

The film features an eclectic group of characters who all walk the Camino for different reasons. I was definitely more intrigued by the movie to travel along the Camino someday.

In July

In July (Im Juli) is a movie about a road trip through Eastern Europe and all the adventure that goes along with it. Daniel is a shy & boring young school teacher who never really does anything fun & exciting. He decides to break out of his shell while chasing a girl from Germany to Turkey on a crazy road trip that will change his life forever.

He and his travel companion show him what he has been missing. They drive, hitchhike or walk, swim, are robbed, steal cars, fight, escape jail, and pay border guards bribes in order to reach their destination. He’s changed by the end of his adventure.

L’auberge Espagnole

L’auberge Espangnole (The Spanish Apartment) is about a young, slightly uptight Economics student who goes on an exchange program in Barcelona to learn Spanish before he lands a big job. Xavier is not that experienced with the world and is in for a surprise when he moves into an apartment filled with international students.

He must learn to tolerate the cultural and personal differences of his six roommates, who come from all over the world. Their adventures will help him see what life is all about. The director’s real-life experiences are the basis of this funny, realistic film.

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